Libertarian Alliance Committee Change

Sean Gabb

The LA offers a big “thank you and best wishes” to Dr Nigel Meek who is stepping down as Editorial Director after 14 years. Nigel took over from Brian Micklethwait as editor in 2002 just as organisations such as the LA were moving to an increasingly online model. However, in his time he proofread, edited and published over 130 titles from authors as varied as Kevin Carson, Nicholas Dykes, Richard Garner, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, John Kersey, Robert Lefever, Jan Lester, Joe Peacott, Peter Saint-André, Chris Sciabarra and Ed Younkins.

However, he now wants to focus on family commitments; smaller cross-party campaigning groups; and some exciting research in political psychology that he’s doing at a British university and which he assures us we shall hear more about in the coming months!

We also wish to announce that Keir Marland has consented to become our new Director of Publications. He follows in distinguished footsteps.



  • Jakub Jankowski

    Congratulations Keir! A truly well deserved honour.

  • Sad to see Nigel go, but best of luck for future endeavours.

  • I’ve already been a “guinea-pig” for Nigel’s research project, and I wish him all the best with it.

    Welcome to your new role, Keir.

  • Thanks Nigel and well done Keir!

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