Sean Gabb in The Daily Telegraph

Fancy that – I’m in The Daily Telecrap! My opinion is quoted on that man who hasn’t been convicted of any crime, but who is required to tell the police 24 hours in advance whenever he proposes to have sex with someone.
I don’t recall having been asked for my opinion, except last year by the Beeb. Mind you, it’s only what I would have said if the reporters had taken the trouble to do the job for which they are paid.


  • Yes, good quote.

    I’ve noticed that the Telegraph has gone downhill in recent years. It’s now just another Pravda, albeit not quite – yet – as censorious and politically-correct as the Left’s house publications, The Independent and The Guardian.

    • With the Guardian you know what you’re getting when you open it. It’s been loony left since time immemorial. But God help the poor soul who buys the Telegraph thinking it’s still a patriotic paper. If you removed the title and bylines you couldn’t distinguish the articles from those of the Guardian or Independent.

  • That story is astonishing, isn’t it.

    I recall my previous comment on this, here on the LA blog. I counselled caution, on the basis that newspapers/media tend to exaggerate these things, and the authorities would not take such drastic steps without good reason. That he has now come out publicly, albeit under court order, and put his side of the story leaves me confused.

    [quote]”After the hearing, Mr O’Neill said he no longer objected to being identified and wants his case to highlight the unfairness of Sexual Risk Orders.

    “He said: “The more people who know about this the better. If it wasn’t for me being put on this 24-hour notice period on having sex no one would even know these draconian orders could be granted. Now they do and I’m glad about that.

    “”If me being identified raises awareness of what is happening then so be it.”[unquote]

    Was the order concealing his identity lifted on his initiative or the court’s? It’s not made clear. Either we are not hearing the full story and this man is very dangerous and perhaps has previous relevant convictions and a history of multiple allegations against him, or we are living in a very sinister country. If the latter, then we must all be considered at risk of this now.

  • On reading the article – and let’s face it, as a man you would read it, wouldn’t you – I was somewhat nonplussed to see quoted stuff from Sean. Normally, he’d flag up “I’m about to be phoned by the BBC for comments” and so forth, but no, not this time!
    I smelled a rat. I saw it floating in the air.
    indeed, it turned out that I was right, and the DT made up exactly the sort of stuff Sean would say.

    Perhaps art actually does imitate life after all, and not the other way about.

    • That said, the British Police probably need 24 hours to set up a wifi connection to the pad of the lady who is named as the object of someone’s desire.

      This is to aid the Police’s main objective in this century, which is to watch people having sex.

      Personally, I can’t think of many things worse than watching other people having sex. I certainly couldn’t have, under any conditions, another _man_ in the same room as me if I was “involved”. More women in a room? Yes of course if nubile and willing (this is assumed in the circumstances described). Men? No! They would be intruding and must go elsewhere.

      Did Sultans allow other men into their seraglios? I would say not.

      The least watchable sorts of p0£n contain men in the same room as women, and doing things to these, like having sex with them, or (worse) using mouth-parts on each other, either way about (all repellent, like the baser animals.)

      Sorry. In time, these things have to “come out”.

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