Ghosts and the Supernatural: Response to Richard Blake

Larry Middleton

If you thought it was a dream and it felt and looked real, it was real and you did see it. Many people have had these experiences in life and later came the denial. We challenge our sense of reality and what we call common sense, but the reality is that not everything can be simply explained away. In my view there is nothing to fear unless you conjure up something really nasty by doing something you shouldn’t be doing, since I have been at that stage on that occasion in my life where something happened that got out of hand, that was beyond my control. As I say not everything can be easily explained away.

Even as a young boy I always was one who had to see the real thing, no matter what it was, before I would believe it. It perplexed my Dad some every time he told me about the things that happened to him in the military. If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. I wouldn’t believe anything about the EU without having perused all the documents and reading for myself exactly what the EU was all about. It’s about logic and truth that has always been important to me, but I also learned that my sense of logic isn’t playing along when encountering something that doesn’t make any logical sense.

My ghost story is about the hauntings and the machinations on the family farm, my Aunt and Uncle’s farm in Saskatchewan. In no other place have I ever seen the things that I will relate to you. My Aunt has always been fascinated with the things she has seen in the house, but my Uncle gets up and goes to bed. My Dad actually told me the first time that we were going to visit the farm that there were some spooky things that went on there and I was very skeptical. My brother and I were given a room upstairs in the old house, a double bed and you could hear noises from just about everywhere in the room. It was a testament that my grandfather was the builder of that old house and that my mother was actually a cousin of my Aunt’s husband.

My Aunt sat down with me to discuss the things that happened there in a manner that was meant to keep me from being scared. She informed me that there was nothing there that could or would hurt me. Let’s just say that it sounded more like they were having me on than anything else. As we sat at the table my Aunt recognized that I didn’t believe her and she said she could show me. My thoughts were right then that if nothing was going to harm me, then what’s the purpose of all this, just being skeptical. The table we sat at was as old as the house itself and it weighed several hundred pounds. She asked me to try to lift even a corner of it, which I tried and couldn’t get the thing to budge. I once saw it take six big men to pull it apart so they could put a leaf into it making it bigger so we could have more people sit down for a party that was being given. The leaf stayed after that. My Aunt put her hands on top of the table very lightly and asked the spirit that was in the room to move the table. Now I didn’t even know the spirit was allegedly in the room and my skepticism grew. I thought now she’s really pulling my leg and we would all have a laugh after. My surprise was that the table was lifting. I had my own hands on the table and that was incredible. I thought that my Aunt had somehow done it herself by what means I didn’t know. She recognized my continuing skepticism and she was determined that I should not be so mocking. She then asked the spirit to make me fallout of the chair, though how this could happen I had no idea, and I was recall smiling at that one. That was until I got light headed and felt something constricting my throat and my Aunt sensed something wrong and said just one word “stop.” While I didn’t fall out of the chair I was still having trouble with my throat. I did mention to her that I thought nothing was there to hurt me and I actually thought that she did something to me, it made me angry. The fact that whatever did it was very cold along my shoulders and neck didn’t help matters much. That ended right there.

Some time later on another day we were sitting at the table in the kitchen, the big table is in the dining room, and it’s really a very big house. The kitchen is about the size of a small home, there’s a mud room that is as big as a living room, the bedrooms are plentiful and large, and it has a party room and two basements, several bathrooms where one is half the size of a decent sized living room. This definitely one of the largest farm houses in the area and when they went to renovate it grew even bigger.

So, we’re sitting at the table in the kitchen around morning brunch in summer and there’s plenty of food on the table. A friend of Aunt has come from town for a visit when all of sudden she lets out this yelp. We all looked at her strangely and she asked if someone touched her. My Aunt asked her what she felt and she explained with a worrying expression, I can still see that look on her face. We’ve all that had that experience before of feeling something touched us, but it’s usually when we were asleep, this was completely awake. Then each of us in turn felt something cold going by us and I have to tell you it was creepy. My Uncle simply left to work the farm and my father fell in line with him, leaving the rest of sitting there. I don’t recall him ever saying much except the one time and I have never seen him that angry before, that’s for later. Her friend left a while later though she would return many times.

Over the times that we visited when we were just boys most incidents were just playful. We could feel something with us and sometimes we actually saw shapes of people. There was a little boy who had died in the original house way back, my grandfather actually rebuilt that older house into the one in the 1940’s, and I can’t recall his name. We all saw him from time to time. He was curious about us living in his house, though he never spoke he did smile and then he was gone. He wasn’t mischievous.

My Uncle blew his top off one night after they had come home, even my father was angry. My silly cousins pulled out the Ouija Board after they left, even though it was off limits to us to use it, and they played around with it while I was elsewhere. Then things got exciting and the atmosphere became rather unpleasant so I went to check on them and there they were with the board they weren’t supposed to use and asking it questions. They thought is was some game and as things had progressed the game became very ugly and I still can’t explain what really happened and things just uglier, then my Aunt walked into the room and the hit the fan. While they were out she had a premonition something was wrong and they all hurried home. They walked in very suddenly and Uncle just lost it right there. He could see what was happening, you could feel it happening even if you couldn’t really see it. Whatever my Aunt did calmed the situation down and she sent them to bed, I had to answer for why they had the board out and I didn’t even know until just before they came home. My mom was easily spooked by just about everything and she was really upset by what had happened. My Aunt removed the board and hid it away and that was the end of using the board even with her around. We had used it several time before and it was interesting, but nothing like what happened that night.

Years later I brought my girlfriend from Calgary to the farm and I warned her that things could happen. There’s no need to go through everything that happened when we were kids, just a sample of the history of the house. Shelly thought I was just kidding with her and laughed it off. My Aunt gave us my grandmother’s room to sleep in just off the kitchen. It’s fair size room with a queen sized bed and the comforter was really warm. There’s a door that leads to to the kitchen and another door that leads to the bathroom, both are solid doors not hollow core. When you shut the doors they stay shut until you yank on them to open. So, here we are laying down in bed all comfy and for some reason I had trouble sleeping, even though I had just drove for 12 hours to get to the farm. It was just after midnight when we climbed into bed, still couldn’t sleep. So, I just closed my eyes and waited for sleep to come, but Shelly was out so fast. Though I had my eyes shut something felt out of place and so I opened my eyes and looked about the room. The room door to the washroom was open. I got up went to the bathroom and returned and shut the door, it was closed. As for that matter it was closed when we went to bed. A little while later I woke and looked around the room again and the door was open, so I went to shut it again. It was then that I noticed, I mean how can you fail to notice your own breath in front of your face and it was absolutely freezing and it was summer. I crawled under the covers and just laid there watching my breath. I finally decided that was enough and it was 5:30am anyway so I went into the kitchen and shut the door to the room. MY Aunt came down a short while later and we were just starting to talk about what was happening when Shelly burst out the bedroom. She was tearfully wild eyed and exclaimed that something really cold had touched her. My Aunt told her not to worry. When we opened the door to the bedroom it was completely warm inside, I felt it but never saw it.

Over the years things in the house moved of their accord. We were in the kitchen and I was watching as my Aunt and Dad were tipping this small table on its edge and just barely holding it there with their fingertips. Now, I always thought that my Aunt could move objects at will without touching them or touching them lightly. The surprise came when that night I watched what I thought my Aunt was doing was somehow moving this table and it would seemingly jump from a foot to several feet. Her friend was there once again and she watched fascinatingly. I challenged my Aunt to do the same thing with the chairs in the upstairs living room, so we went up and I watched as I thought she was rocking the chair. Then my Dad was on the other end of the living room and that one started rocking. With a shocking yell from her friend we all ran to the stairs as we watched her rocking the wooden chair in the kitchen with just her small finger, just like my Aunt and my Dad. However, she lifted her finger off the chair and it started to rock violently back forth and finally tipped over, that ended that night’s fun.

My Uncle has a brother who was in a very bad car accident as a youth in Airforce. It was all his fault. Every time Del got into a car it was as if he was trying to relive that night of his crash. He had been a brilliant mechanic and he was one really smart guy. I should also say that my Uncle Adrian was very brilliant mechanic himself growing up and an artist and carver. After the accident he was never the same, he had the ability and the mindset of a ten year old. Certainly he could still be helpful, but a lot of the time he was plainly dangerous to himself. As the girls got older he became more fascinated with them, but because of what had happened to him he was never right in the head.

He was eventually told he couldn’t come into the house anymore, it made the girls very uncomfortable with him around. One day he had to be in the house and he went to the sub- basement and unlocked the window and he left the sub-basement door unlocked. When my Aunt and Uncle went to town the girls were home alone, they were teens by then. Del stole into the house. He crawled in through the window and tried to open the door and it was locked from the others side. Later it was found that he did unlock the door on both sides, but for some reason it would not open. When Adrian found him in the sub-basement he heard him in there whimpering. Adrian said he didn’t unlock the door and found it open. Del was huddled in one corner of the sub-basement and scared out of his wits. Del had been around all the time that strange things happened, so we knew he knew about them. Del said that he tried to go through the door and it was locked, he couldn’t make it budge. Then he decided to open the window and crawl out, but he couldn’t get the window to open. He felt suffocated in the room and it had grown very eery and very cold. He felt he was being stalked, my own word there, and that it was something that was extremely angry with him. Though it didn’t hurt him he never came into the house ever again. Adrian had built him a small house next to theirs and sometimes he felt the presence in his own little house, it scared the Hell out of him.

Thankfully nothing ever really hurt us, but that one night for us was something else altogether and my Aunt told me she felt something very wrong. She was extremely strong for someone so small. She was tough and hearty and very little ever scared her, but that one night scared her. She made us realize that some things you really had to have respect for and what happened at the farm was never to be toyed with. “You never knew who or what you might invite in,” she said. And she was very careful herself. There were a lot more things that happened there in their house, too many to mention. There were dozens of people who felt and saw things in the house, so we weren’t the only ones who had experiences. There was that time we were really scared, but most of the time we knew that whatever touched us or we saw would not hurt us. My cousins used to say that they saw the little boy quite often, he just looked and never spoke. It never bothered them to see him. In my own view it was an experience that few people ever get in life and it was interesting. The worst thing we can do when we see or feel something out of the ordinary is try to deny it. It’s important to try to understand what we saw and look upon it with fascination and some awe. We can say we were the lucky ones to have the experience. Is there a spirit world? That sounds pretty hokey when you say it that way, it also undermines what we have truly seen and felt. We should remember that before we were able to see the hidden world through microscopes and telescopes were we not in denial of people telling us these things existed? Of course we were because at the time we thought we knew better, but all we really learned was that we were naive about life and death. To die is to be reborn as something we can only imagine. Death is life; and life always comes full circle in death. Don’t dismiss these ghostly things so easily just because you can’t understand them, perhaps one day we will have the tools to understand them.

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