Where Angels Fear to Tread

Here is Richard Blake, assisted by his daughter, in the act of dismantling and repairing a notebook computer. Good, I suggest, for a slow-burning laugh. You can almost see the sweat running down his face as all the screws fail to come out.

8 thoughts on “Where Angels Fear to Tread

      • Very sorry to say that Mrs G’s cameos and the shushing, not to mention Little Miss G’s cameo at the end, made it. Otherwise, my skim through the video left me perplexed and bored. When you have your television programme, I should stick to politics if I were you.

      • I think the main underlying philosophy in Mr Blake’s video is to keep sight of all the screws, and then to be surprised when everything turns out well. You can make that into a covert attack on the established order if you like.

        • I prefer to see it more as support for competent amateurism of the old fashioned English kind, combined with a subtle support for libertarianism and an economy of co-producers.

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