Deconstructing “inclusivity”

John Ray

Inclusivity is something of a buzzword on the Left these days. It has always seemed complete nonsense to me. You don’t include golf players in football games or vice versa. Far from being a good thing, inclusivity would seem to create one big muddle. Different people need to be treated differently, not herded into one big corral. It only makes sense if you believe the absurd Leftist doctrine that all men are equal. They may all be equal in the sight of God — to quote a famous political compromise — but God’s optometrical difficulties are not widely shared.

I regard myself as having had a blessed life and at age 73 still laugh my way through the day. I don’t sound very jolly in my writing a lot of the time but who could be jolly in discussing the slimy con-men of the Left?

Yet, as I have previously set out at some length, I have lived most of my life in a state of great exclusion. And I am delighted that I was able to separate myself from uncongenial company. Because “inclusivity” was not forced down my throat, I was free to go my own way and do my own thing. When most of my fellow pupils at school were running around chasing balls, I was reading books. From infancy on, chasing balls is clearly one of humanity’s greatest pleasures but I much preferred books. And I could do that. I could separate myself from other people. I lived happily outside the big Corral. And to this day I have quite a small social circle.

So the great good to me seems to be discrimination. Each of us is very discriminatory in choosing things as diverse as our wine and our life partners so being discriminatory in choosing our company should be optimal for our life satisfaction. We do best by excluding the unsuitable, not by including it.

I suppose at this stage I must seem like a bit of a moron. I have been treating the desirability of inclusion as a general proposition. I think one does need to look at it in such an objective way but, in reality, it is a very particular policy goal hiding behind a generally good-sounding name — in the usual Leftist style. Candy-coating their destructive proposals is what Leftists do.

What inclusion is all about was brought home to me by this article. The language was inclusion but the starting point of the article was was outrage at the occasional deaths of unco-operative black criminals at the hands of the police. Voila! Being inclusive means being nicer to blacks! That is the whole meaning and purpose of the doctrine concerned. I am all in favour of everybody being nice to everyone else but being permissive towards criminals of any skin color seems grossly maladaptive to me. They should be excluded, not included.

2 thoughts on “Deconstructing “inclusivity”

  1. John,

    Many thanks for your fine post – and the even better essay behind it at one of your websites. You and I are more alike than either of us would care to admit. I’m even a regular reader of your “Greenie Watch.” But unlike you, I’m not a conservative.

    Of course I agree that the leftist view on equality (i.e. equality of outcome) is wrong. But I do think that everyone is equal – morally equal. That is, what is right for one to do is right for another to do, and vice versa. They have a right to start a war? OK, so do I. They can levy a tax? OK, so should I be able to.

    As to sport, like you, I didn’t enjoy chasing balls. I preferred to hold a cricket ball in my hand and hurl it as hard as I could at someone; about 75mph at my peak.

    You’re right that we should associate only with those we feel comfortable with. You’re right that we should discriminate for our friends and against our enemies. You’re also right when you say, “being permissive against criminals of any skin colo(u)r seems grossly maladaptive.” But that’s because they are criminals; because they do wrong things. And not because of their pigmentation, or of who they are.

    As a mere accredited author on this blog and not one of the commissars of the LA, I have no status to say this. But I’ll say it anyway: Welcome to the Libertarian Alliance.

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