Deconstructing “Inclusivity”: A Response to John Ray (Ron Olden)

Ronald Olden

The writer here appears to be confusing the objective of inclusivity with the objective of achieving uniformity, equality, or even treating criminals exactly the same as non criminals.

This is a perversion of the meaning of the term inclusivity. It’s correct that as usual the Left have themselves perverted the term and added on the usual socialist mumbo jumbo with a view to making the term mean something else, but to me ‘inclusivity’ simply means encouraging people to feel included in the community and to feel that they belong.

And that includes convicted criminals. It doesn’t mean refraining from sentencing them, but it does mean making a serious attempt to ensure that they are given every assistance in resettling into the community so they are less likely to reoffend. And to explore, where it’s safe to do so, alternative sentences to prison, so people are less likely to suffer exclusion in the first place. We know for a fact that people who feel excluded from society are much more likely to reoffend.

It’s frivolously simplistic for the writer to say that owing to the fact that as a child, he preferred reading to ball games, he somehow did not benefit from ‘inclusivity’. I preferred reading to ball games as well, but I didn’t feel excluded from society, whereas I might well have done had I been Black, Chinese or a Moslem regardless of whether I liked playing ball games.

Encouraging everyone, especially newcomers and those who don’t easily fit in, perhaps because they are disabled and find it difficult to socialise, to feel part of the community in which they live, is an essential prerequisite of any successful community. And if it succeeds many of the social problems like crime and racism from which we suffer, are avoided in the first place.

I very much doubt if a Police Officer who likes playing golf, has ever shown significant prejudice against a member of the public who prefers football. But I’m certain that there has been severe prejudice shown by White Police Officers against Black People. And I’m also sure there has been prejudice by Black People against White People.

If I lived in a street where everyone else was a Moslem, I and they might have much more rewarding lives, if they included me in their usual social discourse such as talking to me in the shop or the cafe and making me feel that I belonged. And it would be to the good if respected members of their community were seen to be including me.

Whether the State should be involved in any of this is another matter.

One thought on “Deconstructing “Inclusivity”: A Response to John Ray (Ron Olden)

  1. I don’t think we really differ much
    I was attacking the Leftist perversion of inclusion, which tries to erase differences
    To me Ronald is mainly just being polite, or arguing for it, which is certainly a virtue

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