Jeff Deist (Mises Institute) – Can Trump Win?

2 thoughts on “Jeff Deist (Mises Institute) – Can Trump Win?

  1. Mr. Deist presents the following logic for not voting:
    1. His candidate might win
    2. As US president, his candidate will likely commit official murder
    3. Deist will feel guilty having helped appoint a murderer-in-chief

    It seems to me this is an illogical reason for trudging down to the polling booth, like all your mob-rule-supporting neighbours and casting your vote. Like magic, Deist’s objection can be made to vanish. Just vote for yourself, or write in any living or dead person you feel quite sure won’t commit official murder after the inauguration. Then you can help increase voter participation numbers and bolster slipping confidence in the legitimacy of the one-mobster-one-vote system of government enjoyed by democracies everywhere.

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