An Early Christmas Present

Acts of the Apostles, a Parallel Text in Greek and Latin

Here is an early Christmas present (free, gratis, and for nothing) for all my friends who feel inclined to learn Greek or Latin (having already learned either). And here is the paid-for hard copy version, which has an English translation:

Go on, treat yourselves! All else aside, think of those loved ones this Christmas who have everything else they could ever want.

2 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present

    • Sean’s book includes English, as well. I purchased a copy, myself, awhile back. There are three parallel columns of text. The first is in English, the second in Latin, and the third in Greek.

      I wasn’t sure how effective this method would be for learning a new language, but the Latin really does seem to be rubbing off on me bit by bit (I haven’t moved on to any Greek yet).

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