Liberty in the Age of Trump: A Symposium, with Jim Turney

(4PM-6PM) 18TH FEBRUARY 2017

The Hoop and Toy (upstairs)
34 Thurloe Place, London, SW7 2HQ

Less than a month after the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States, it is still unclear to many what exactly his presidency will mean for civil liberties, immigration, free markets, international trade, and war and peace. To discuss the Trump presidency and the US and European libertarian movements’ continued relevance, all are welcome to Mises UK’s intimate symposium in South Kensington featuring Jim Turney, former US Libertarian Party Chair. Free admission (donations welcome).

Speakers include:

JIM TURNEY, part of the US liberty movement since early adolescence. He is a Director at initiative, a Liberty International organisation Fellow and former US Libertarian Party Chair. He was one of the people behind the Ron Paul presidential campaigns that made libertarianism mainstream in USA. Mr. Turney has taken part in many Libertarian Party campaigns and is currently working to preserve his audio and video archives, many of which are already accessible through

PROFESSOR JOHN KERSEY is Chairman of Mises UK and a Vice-President of the Traditional Britain Group. Director of Cultural Affairs for the Libertarian Alliance, Professor Kersey is an interdisciplinary historian whose work spans the three principal areas of music, education and traditionalist Catholicism, in particular those movements that developed as a result of the First Vatican Council of 1870. The author of several books, he has also recorded over 100 CDs as a concert pianist, including the first recordings of several unfinished works by Beethoven. He is currently Chancellor of Western Orthodox University. His professional work is combined with voluntary service within the Church, in which he is ordained and has responsibility for a Traditional Catholic community.

DR SEAN GABB, now Honorary Vice-President of Mises UK, has been Director of the Libertarian Alliance since 2006 and part of the British libertarian movement for nearly forty years. He is the author of over 20 books and over 300 essays. Between 1990 and 1992, he worked in Czechoslovakia as Economic and Political Adviser to the Prime Minister of Slovakia. He wrote for the English-language Prague Post and widely for the Czech and Slovak media on economic reform and co-wrote the 1992 election programme for the Slovak Christian Democratic Movement. He has taught at a number of universities, including London Metropolitan University. Under the name Richard Blake, he has written six historical novels for Hodder & Stoughton, which have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Indonesian, and further novels for Caffeine Nights and Endeavour Press. His other works include a biography of Epicurus and a number of papers on the classical world and contemporary society.


The Hoop and Toy (upstairs),
34 Thurloe Place,

Venue is a short walk from South Kensington tube station.



  • What time does it start?

    • 4pm till 6

  • Thanks.

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