Apologies from Sean

I have written nothing for this Blog in over two months. My reasons for this are:

  1. I have been writing a book that refuses to end;
  2. My professional workload has expanded without warning and without apparent upper limit.

Many apologies for this, and reassurances to all who may be reading that I haven’t died or lost interest in the Good Cause. My book should finish in the next week. Though my workload for the next month looks set to involve fifteen hour days, seven days a week, I do promise to write something very soon.

And thanks to Neil and to Ilana for keeping the flag aloft in my absence.



  • Good to hear that you’re still with us, Sean. Though we ought perhaps to be worried more by the lack of comments than the lack of articles. I suspect I’m not the only one who misses Ian B.

    • Indeed not.

  • Yes, we missed you. And thanks for your thanks. Oh. Please, Sean, check that I haven’t offended The Powers in the latest column.

    • It won’t get us shot

  • Another book? Any chance it’s part of the Aelric series? I’ve been experiencing withdraw symptoms as of late. Not pleasant, let me tell you. I’ve had to turn to some shady characters to get my fix… Steven Saylor’s dealing a fine product, but it’s not quite the same.

    • A slightly different one – but it has everything from satanism to necrophilia

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