Freedom, Whisky, Scotland, & Secession, with David Farrer


On Show 24 of the Mises UK Podcast, with host, Andy Duncan, we speak with our Caledonian man in Edinburgh, David Farrer, the power behind the throne on the ‘Freedom and Whisky’ blog site. We talk about the current state of Scotland as regards freedom, whisky, socialism, and secession, given the failure of the 2014 referendum to secede Scotland from the United Kingdom, and the rumblings of a second secessionary referendum planned by the Scottish National Party, slated possibly for 2021.

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One thought on “Freedom, Whisky, Scotland, & Secession, with David Farrer

  1. A very interesting chat. Surely to god there’s more than a couple of hundred of you in the UK… I’m pretty sure there’s more that that in Canada. (We’re clearly not very effective, but we’re here.) It’s too bad you didn’t provide a link to the Freedom and Whiskey blog site, but then again maybe it’s not up again, yet. I hope you will let us all know when it’s up and running. As a Canadian libertarian of Scottish background, I will be very interested to have a look. Thanks.

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