My response to the government consultation on “De-carbonizing Transport”

Last Friday, I sent in a just-in-time response to the UK government’s “consultation” on how to “de-carbonize transport.” Or, more simply put, to ban our cars – as quickly as they possibly can.

My response is a 56-page PDF. There’s a lot of detail in there, and some quite strong ideas. So I thought the best way would be simply to put it up on the Internet, and link to it. WordPress, though, had other ideas. It wouldn’t let me link to it, without actually embedding it. So, here it is:

Click to access respcon-200731.pdf


12 thoughts on “My response to the government consultation on “De-carbonizing Transport”

  1. A fine submission. Worth quoting: “I think, you should expect governmentalways to be reasonabletowards the people itgoverns.You should expect itto be respectful of the facts in any matter. And you should expect government always to seek and to present thefacts truthfully, accuratelyand honestly.And it should never present mere theories or hypotheses as if they were facts.”

  2. the great problem with the vast majority in government is that all they know is theory, so few of them ever having ventured out into the real world to be soiled by us commoners. facts and data are inconvenient things when your intent is to craft a narrative centered in emotion and innuendo.

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