New Director of Blog

Anthony Furlong

I am the new Director of this Blog. Over the next few weeks, I will make fundamental changes to the appearance and content of this Blog. In the meantime, the lax moderation of comments that has so far been the custom is ended with immediate effect. Any comment that I deem irrelevant or irritating will be removed. There is no appeal from my decision.

18 thoughts on “New Director of Blog

  1. “Any comment that I deem irrelevant or irritating will be removed. There is no appeal from my decision.”

    Jawohl mein Fuhrer

  2. What a ridiculously pompous announcement! In the days of the Libertarian Alliance blog, I recall that Sean Gabb was EXTREMELY reluctant to moderate comments. Can you work out why? Libertarianism favours FREE SPEECH. In fact, now so many libertarians have adopted Cultural Marxism in toto, the free speech bit flies out of the window. In America, the ACLU used to favour free speech, famously supporting the free speech rights of neo-Nazis under the former ACLU head Ira Glasser. Now the ACLU has adopted Cultural Marxism in full, it opposes free speech, and argues that soothing the pretensions of minorities comes first. This Furlong jerk is not a libertarian at all. You can delete this comment, but what you can’t do is win the argument on libertarian grounds.

    • You almost have to marvel at the obviousness of the intent to squash dissent and pursue a clearly non-libertarian agenda here. It would almost be funny that what was once a libertarian organisation can put up such a statement, only it isn’t at all funny, despite the bitter irony of it. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was just a sock-puppet character on behalf of someone who just doesn’t like “irritating” dissent.

      As for “lax moderation of comments” – what lax moderation is that, then? The place is like a ghost town. It’s hardly brimming and bristling with irrelevant commentary – just a few recent ones that have clearly rubbed some people the wrong way, and which will likely be disappeared in the future, so as to not taint the site or have anything actually confronting or contradictory aired, which would certainly be irritating, I’m sure.

      Preaching to the choir and congratulating each other on long articles of theory that’d never be realised or put into effect (and probably only ever seen by a score of people) may be the way forward {sarcasm}, but to be fair, that’s been going on for a few decades now, and not just libertarianism.

      Ah well, it’s better that the attitude is out in the open in a statement like this, than it being a hidden attitude and rolled back to try and make it not quite so blunt as it appears. There’s not been much life in the libertarian movement for a long time, and it isn’t going to be getting any interest if it heads along the lines that you have already cited that exposes the slip into a more Cultural Marxist comatose state.

      • Mises UK isn’t the same organisation run by Sean Gabb for years. It is patently NOT interested in libertarianism. A free society flows fundamentally from a society that is not riven by culture wars – as J S Mill pointed on in Ch16 of Considerations on Representative Government ( – and yet the three people behind Mises have fully signed up to the Frankfurt School culture war agenda. The opposition of these three to free speech flows from that. This is, in political/cultural terms at least, socialism. In economic terms, it may claim to be a form of minarchism, but in fact this is defeated by the fact that the influx of people who don’t share our ancestral culture adds to calls for a larger, not smaller state. Do you really believe the 20,000 Afghans flown in by the Army (which is now a people-smuggling organisation) are minarchists or libertarians? And when reports of rape and terrorism emerge from this very community, will be we able to say their presence has made us freer? It is time to fold up the nonsensical Mises UK.

        • Do I believe it about the Afghans? Of course not. A few recent replies on one of the other articles tends to explain why, and why it would be an absurdity and travesty to be taking in so many such people, given the situation we are in (which is now an existential threat, never mind a threat to libertarianism).

          Anyone with half a braincell still intact can expect for there to be big problems that will stem from the recent decision to bring those people here – just as the rollout of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” has had a devastating impact on this country thus far in all kinds of ways that far outweigh any supposed gain it is supposed to have given us.

          People don’t even bother looking into what’s happened elsewhere with such influxes – and I have no doubt in my mind at all that it will end up a mess, end up with lots of rape, general criminality, abuse of the system and terrorism, either from themselves directly or their future offspring.

          “How can you be so prejudiced?!” will perhaps be the cry….”How can you be so utterly deluded in a fantasy land of liberal ideals” would perhaps be the response, seeing as such people seem to believe that inside every brown person there is a white liberty loving libertarian bursting to get out, that we are all the same, and so on and so forth.

          There’s often good reason why it is correct to “profile” certain groups of people – the data is there, for anyone who wants to see it. Yet, people don’t want to see it, as it is uncomfortable and throws their beliefs into array.

          Yet this is why we have got to the point we have, isn’t it, I suppose. Pretence, hoping for the best, ever trying to adapt and re-shape to a different kind of society, clinging to ideals of “good intentions” and looking towards extreme individualism in a world that’s ever-more operating on group interests…..well, except for us, who are not allowed to even think of having any, never mind organise anything on that basis.

          Whatever happens with the newest arrivals inparticular, one thing is for certain – liberals (and indeed many ‘libertarians’), politicians, the smarmy wishy-washy types, the pro-immigration and asylum types, will not held responsible for the fallouts that could have been avoided.

          It will fall upon the rest us, yet again, for not doing enough to integrate and give opportunities, fall upon “men” (in general) being a prone to be a bit rapey and misogynistic, that we need some kind of “refugee month” (if we don’t already have one) that rams home how wicked we are for not cutting our own demographic throats quick enough, how much we have held these people back and how much of a boost all of these people have been to the country.

          One thing we are certainly not going to be is freer.

          I already feel like I live in a liberal prison, with a 24/7 propaganda agenda infiltrating every nook and cranny of life. Almost every billboard, TV advert, drama, documentary, news topic, film, magazine cover, awards show, radio book reviews, religious slots, “comedy” shows, is poisoned with it.

          Labour were having difficulty last week deciding on whether women had cervix’s or not. One of them said it was “factually incorrect” to say such a statement.

          It’s a complete madhouse – and nobody can be free in a madhouse.

          But like with many other things like “diversity barriers” (concrete lumps) at Christmas markets, multiple layers of security and identity needed to do the most simplest of things now, the altering of the double-jeopardy laws just to nail alleged “racists”, the encouragement of “hate crime” concepts and outcomes in the police and justice systems, never mind a likely future living under threat (or local dominance) of having to abide by a majority Islamic value system, or whatever else, society keeps on adapting and acclimatising itself to an ever worsening state with no real idea of what it was once like – or how it could otherwise have been.

          We are facing the end of our civilisation itself, in my view, at a great speed. Yet, despite all evidence leading this way, some can still pretend that “property rights” and “individualism” are the keys to get us out of this mess and invoke a free, libertarian minded country. It’s a form of madness, as I see it. Perhaps it always has been.

          If it wasn’t for what’s transpiring, I’d be much more onboard with the movement – but the way things are going, the way this place has gone, it’s looking like a ride into nowhere. It’s all a bit of a depressing tragedy, to be honest. I’ve tortured myself with it for far too long, I know that much.

          • Yes, you’re right in all you say. This country is run by such a malevolent political elite that I fear we will not be able to escape the clutches of the cancel culture and associated ills. I’m 52 and so may still have another 20 years left in me. I’ll always be interested to see how it works out, but am gradually inured to the idea that we don’t live in a great country at all. Just seeing the problems with the NI Protocol – totally created by Theresa May (who has not been arrested for treason) and the Tory Remainers in parliament, and seeing Johnson and Frost twist and turn, affirming at each turn that the Protocol will stay and that the Withdrawal Agreement will not be repudiated (including the requirement to pay tens of billions, linked at the time to a promise of a financial services deal by June 2020 that then didn’t transpire) makes me feel like giving up. These are not the leaders we need. Even Johnson can’t admit that only women have cervices, as his wife/girlfriend sets policy from the bedroom and insists on all the woke stuff… It’s almost like a bad novel.

    • I believe Anthony Furlong is a pseudonym for Dr. Gabb himself. I am given to understand that Dr. Gabb has re-assumed control of Mises UK and will be reverting its name and branding back to The Libertarian Alliance.

      If true, I must say it is a welcome development. I was never a fan of the 2017 name change.

      • Tom, I hadn’t guessed that. Maybe I’m slow on the uptake. I would like to see the Mises nonsense ended, and the LA back. The LA would have no point if it’s main mission was to foster mass immigration and multiculturalism, however (the whole spectrum of political groups are already backing those socially destructive causes). So if the LA comes back, it has to come back for a real purpose.

        • I suspect there is an element of tongue-and-cheek in the monitory from ‘Anthony Furlong’. The clue is in the image that appears above it. Classic, and Classical, and classy, and class-conscious, academic humour.

          And yes, I hope we see a return to the ‘old’ Libertarian Alliance that advocated traditional freedom.

  3. I demand the right to be “irritated” and even insulted. We are not a lot of schoolkids, you are not our headmaster, and this is not a ‘safe space’.

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