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Cop Out! (Ron Olden)

Ronald Olden

This sanctimonious comment by Sadiq Khan is a self serving dangerous cop out intended to place himself above the management culture which is to blame for the devastation caused by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Obviously Sadiq Khan doesn’t include himself in this allocation of blame. But he has been Mayor of London managing a budget larger than either the Welsh or Northern Ireland Assemblies, for longer than Theresa May has been Prime Minister, and has specific responsibility for what goes on there. Read more


On the Conservative Victory, Ron Olden

Ron Olden

All Governments have legitimacy if they can pass a Queen’s Speech and survive votes of confidence.

In any case, ‘dealing’ with Europeans is somewhat old hat. We are leaving the EU at the end on March 2019 and the least ‘dealing’ the better. If someone has voted Leave in the hope of getting a favourable (or indeed any) deal they have been sadly misguided.
We don’t need to suspend democracy, and have all ‘party governments in order to negotiate Trade deals. If deals are mutually beneficial they will come. Read more


Ronald Olden

The UK is to pardon nearly 50.000 Gay men convicted under the old homophobic laws.

If the victims of this law are already dead, these pardons are of no value whatsoever to the individuals concerned or to their living families. And, there are issues of principle associated with it. The individuals concerned broke the law as it was at the time, and we are all supposed to obey the law. Read more


Ronal Olden

All in all, the Supreme Court judgement on Brexit is, politically, for the best. The Brexit legislation is now near certain to pass through both Houses of Parliament within the next three weeks, and if it doesn’t there would be a General Election in April or May and both the Labour Party and/or the House of Lords would be obliterated for good. That fall-back position in itself might be a good thing. Read more


Ron Olden

The behaviour of the West (including the media), in the persons of various Neo ‘Conservatives’ and liberals, in our dealings with the Middle East since 2001, has been a disgrace. And it shows no sign of abating.

This chaos was entirely caused by the West when it reduced Iraq to anarchy. You cannot remove all civil authority in a country and then abandon it, and especially not, when it is surrounded by pseudo religious murderous suicidal lunatics, and self interested dictatorships of the nature that inhabit the region. Read more

Lawyers, Brexit, and the Supreme Court: An Unprofessional Profession (Ron Olden)

Ronald Olden

Observing the Supreme Court Brexit proceedings confirmed in my mind the minimal skills required to be a ‘lawyer’. The quality of the debate was abysmal and there was little focus on the straightforward actual issue in the case.

There was a definite flavour of what we routinely see in civil court proceedings. There is no proper ‘due process’ whatsoever. There is not and never has been ‘rule of law’ in the UK. We congratulate ourselves on our ‘rule of law’, but that’s just lazy wishful thinking. What we have is rule by judges, which is similar in its fundamental nature to the systems operating in the worst regimes in the world. Read more

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