Tony Hollick; colourful, angry, articulate, tormented and reflective gentleman, 1942-2016

David Davis

I would like to write an elegy for Tony.


For, out of all the surviving early members of the Libertarian Alliance, I probably knew him best and got closest to him as a friend for a time.

In the mid-1970s this wretched Planet was being steadily consumed by “social democracy” and (worse, locally) “Eurocommunism”. Anyone remember that one then? No, I thought not. In this time, Chris Tame  – who needs no introduction on here – Tony Hollick, and others including me as a latecomer, formed the core of the current Libertarian Alliance. The Alternative Bookshop [40 Floral Street, Covent Garden, WC2] of which if you are on here now, you will know, was the hub.

Now, Tony had had a somewhat exciting life previously, as a capitalist-entrepreneur, being in a rather comforable “good way of doing”  – as they say down in Liverpool. He had previously owned a Facel Vega motor car, when these were new and extremely expensive, and of which he had been very proud. When I met him, he was working at The National Association For Freedom (later the freedom Association) and he was living in the back room of the Alternative Bookshop with his very very large ginger cat, Beeper, who himself became a minor character of the British libertarian movement. Somewhere in my Library is a photograph of early LA members, posed behind Beeper in a foreground commanding position. Beeper was a Free Cat.

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Father wins landmark case about children’s absence from school during term

David Davis

I saw this just now.

I’ll tell you a story.

The attached picture, if it looks like two little attentive girls, is misleading. The father described won his case. That is the first thing to say.
That said….the discussion of what to do about bringing up one’s own children as a nuclear family – the enemy of GramscoFabiaNazis, SJWs and NWOperatroids, centres on what is best for one’s own children. Attendance in British-State-bog-standard-comprehensives (not my words but theirs) is not so wonderfully-orgasmic for learning, as our little fella will tell you freely, that one ought even to bust a gut to try to go every day.

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Is there still a little bit of science here and there?

David Davis

The late Francis Crick (of the Watson-Crick DNA-structure-elucidation-duo) is said to have, in later life, been concerned with theoretical neurobiology, and attempts to advance the scientific study of human consciousness.
Crick, by nature and education a classical physicist, was interested in two fundamental unsolved problems of biology: how molecules make the transition from the non-living to the living, and how the brain makes a conscious mind.
In recognition of the fact that we still know more or less sweet-F-A about this matter, I want to announce a composition event. I would like to invite you all to think about this problem that this thoughtful and great scientist never solved in his lifetime.

So, now then, it is time to try to crowd-source possible answers to these problems.  Let us try to find out what individual thinking humans think about this matter, and let us start a discussion about how to move forward, and what kinds of things neurobiologists ought to be researching.

I invite submissions, in ordinary dissertation form, as follows:-

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I wish the conqu’ring Muse would come, and tell us what to do!

This was written in Word 2007 this pm in about an hour, but Worpdress can’t format it properly for me. The verses are in sets of lines, 6,4,6,6,4,4,6. I wanted it to be a compound sonnet of 8’s and 6’s but this didn’t work out. You will have to reformat it yourselves and you will see how it works.

David Davis

I’m going through a barren patch and can’t think what to write

About the things that sadden us, and tell us who to smite.

Our masters all contend to occupy the common ground

Of centrist statist nannying, a strident baleful sound

Of bullying directives that the telescreens project,

Its loudhailers all in unison, whatever you select!

To live through the endarkenment, a fate none comprehended

A mere 50 years ago – and now for Continue reading

We ought to say; God Bless The Queen, although she has been somewhat useless

David Davis

It is reasonable to say that the Director’s view about Elizabeth-The-Useless is sound. She has done nothing much to reverse the loss of sovereignty of the British People, whether against the EU or whether against our own BritishPolitical-EnemyClass.

The Sovereignty of the British People is critical to the survival of libertarianism globally. It is a necessary but also not sufficient condition for this thing.

But she has tried, insofar as it was allowed in her power, to maintain some sort of relationship – which may yet prove useful – between Her Realms. Not all of these places are useless socialist dross. This is quite unlike any other collection of post-imperial territories on this planet. Here she is visiting 265 of them.

Something about British coalfields and maps, and chopping socialism out of British life

David Davis The Libertarian Alliance being a charity promoting discussion of liberal minimal-statist ideas, it is not correct to describe here the desired means of political demolition of any British political party. But it is also needful to suggest what could be done to ameliorate the conditions under which millions of British People still live in areas where socialism is the hegemonic philosophy among local warlords. I wrote a thing on facebook about eleven minutes ago, dealing with what could be done to prevent red areas on a map spreading any further, and indeed making them smaller in time. For anyone who would like to see my suggestions, it is here:-