Trump: Act, or Be Impeached!

By D. J. Webb

It’s very disheartening to see Donald Trump make no headway in the US. He has achieved less than he promised but apparently wanted to do more. He planned immediate recognition of Russian Crimea and a restoration of good links with Russia on day one, and planned a Muslim entry ban. Yet both have been stymied. Continue reading

Labour and the land

By D. J. Webb.

Note: the Libertarian Alliance does not endorse candidates or parties in the general election. This article is offered for discussion and should not be construed to constitute advice as to how to vote.

A brief note.

While immigration and multi-culturalism are my main issues at election time, the London attacks have just underlined that Theresa May has no intention of devising a proper response to terror. She wants more refugees to come in, refuses to deport the 23,000 known jihadis, and favours continued mass immigration. Continue reading

A minute’s token silence?

By D. J. Webb

There is a minute’s silence tomorrow at 11 to remember the victim’s of terror.

It’s time we stopped being silent and lighting candles and leaving teddies in the street (littering commemoration sites). We need to speak up.

Please, people: disrupt the minute’s silence and speak up. Wherever you are, speak up during that minute, and demand an end to immigration and multi-culturalism. Continue reading

A superior kind of troglodyte

By D. J. Webb

This is a brief note on a relatively new phrase. The word “troll” literally means a cave-dwelling giant or dwarf, but its use has been extended to people who inhabit Internet discussion boards and post deliberately provocative opinions. The idea is that such people are just trouble makers and should be ignored: don’t feed the troll. However, a much more recent term has come to my attention: a high-functioning troll. This phrase is new enough to have only 226 instances on Google. Continue reading

European ingrates

By D. J. Webb

NB – This essay does not constitute an endorsement or condemnation by the Libertarian Alliance of any candidate in the present General Election. SIG

I wrote on this topic recently, but have more to say as the topic is fast-moving. Do Europeans owe anything to Britain? That’s an important question. In the Second World War, Winston Churchill made clear that the war was being fought for the freedom of all European countries, and not for imperial conquest. In his “Finest Hour” speech to the House of Commons on June 18th 1940, he said: Continue reading

European allies?

By D. J. Webb

Europe is simultaneously the greatest centre of world culture and civilization and a troubled continent characterized by numerous rival middling powers. This is the history of Europe and explains Europe’s foolish self-neutering in the First and Second World Wars even as the continent was at its peak in terms of geopolitical power. The Libertarian Alliance has carried numerous articles from a broadly culturally/civilizationally pro-European perspective, as is appropriate for the continent whose culture and history forms the basis for political and economic notions of liberty anywhere in the globe. While agreeing with that perspective, it is difficult not to descry the gathering tensions in Europe that suggest that old rivalries are becoming a problem again. The greatest nations squabble among themselves: is this how Western civilization itself comes to an end, destroyed from within and not from without? Continue reading