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David Farrer on the Scottish Referendum


Capital Punishment

I’m a wee bit ambivalent about capital punishment. I’ve got no problem with a householder using lethal force against a violent intruder. And, like in Texas (I believe), the said householder should be regarded as a hero. Furthermore, I’d suggest a suitable reward like not being liable for Council Tax for ten years.But I’m not so sure about the state using capital punishment. It’s not like the state gets most things right. Perhaps an exception could be made when the accused has been caught in the act by a large number of very reliable witnesses as well as being recorded on CCTV. It’s not like we’re short of cameras…But here in Edinburgh I note that someone has evaded our local form of capital punishment: Read more

Doctor Doom

I’m a fan of the Financial Sense Online website. On Saturday mornings I like to listen to the online weekly broadcast, although it can be accessed anytime. This week much of the programme comes from the “San Francisco Hard Asset ’06” show. Readers may well enjoy the discussion with Dr Marc Faber (Part 1). Faber produces the wonderfully named Gloom, Boom and Doom Report and sounds like a rather sinister James Bond villain. But he’s on our side and lays into the fiat money crowd.