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Mises UK Scholarship (MA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics)

The Mises UK Scholarship, CEVRO Institute, Prague


This up to 50 per cent tuition scholarship for the PPE & Austrian Economics Master’s program is awarded annually to a student from the UK with excellent undergraduate study record and a strong interest in the teaching of the Austrian School of Economics and Ludwig von Mises in particular.

The successful applicant for this scholarship must provide a sample of his written output along with a letter stating reasons why he/she should be considered for this scholarship.

Send applications to

  • 3-trimester international master’s program
  • Modeled on University of Oxford
  • Integrates political philosophy, politics and political economy
  • Renowned lecturers from Czech, US and European universities

CEVRO Institute offers a unique world-class three-trimester long master’s degree program – Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE). PPE is an interdisciplinary program modeled on the successful PPE program at the University of Oxford. The program integrates the study of political philosophy, politics and political economy. The master’s program provides a unique understanding of current economic and political processes. The lecturers are renowned academics from leading universities in the Czech Republic, the USA and Europe. The program is taught completely in English.

For further information contact


Introducing the New Director

Re: Introducing the New Director

Dear All,

Sean has repeatedly said to me “I’m not a leader.” I disagree. I think he has done a fine job as Director of the Libertarian Alliance. However, he is now keen to do other things, other things which will be made easier without the baggage of being the head of a libertarian organisation. Sean has wanted to do other things for some time, but no one has been either willing or able to relieve him of the burden of the directorship of the Libertarian Alliance. Until now. Read more

New Energy, New Jobs

This promises to be an interesting event by Parliament Street:

We have all heard the arguments against Fracking, more seldom heard are the arguments for the process.

Parliament Street is pleased to host a discussion around the positive benefits of hydraulic fracturing especially in relation to creating jobs in the north of England, in particular.

Our speakers will be argue that implementing a US-style Energy Policy will benefit us as much as it has our cousins across the pond. Read more

Helen Szamuely RIP

I have just learned that Dr Helen Szamuely, erstwhile Head of Research for the Bruges Group, organiser of the Rally for Freedom, a founding member of UKIP, and longtime star of the Eurosceptic movement has passed away. On behalf of the Libertarian Alliance, I should like to express my condolences to her family and friends at this difficult time. Requiescat in pace. 

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