PODCAST – Libertarian Alliance Question Time Episode 4

Daniel Harding

Episode four of our Question Time show; the live show where libertarians sit around pontificating on pretty much anything.
Host: Keir Martland (Director of Youth Affairs, Libertarian Alliance)


1) Dr Sean Gabb (Director, Libertarian Alliance)
2) Jock Coats (Mutualist/market anarchist theorist)
3) Matthew Hayden (Libertarian blogger)
4) Ian B (Libertarian theorist and blogger)

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PODCAST – Libertarian Alliance Question Time Episode 3

Daniel Harding

Here is episode 3 of the Libertarian Alliance Question Time. Apologies for the upload coming late this episode, but I’ve had very little time over the last day to do it unfortunately. Please enjoy, and tune in for the next episode.

Host: Keir Martland (Director of Youth Affairs, Libertarian Alliance)


1) Godfrey Bloom (Economist and former MEP)
2) Andy Curzon (Libertarian theorist)
3) Jock Coats (Mutualist/Market Anarchist)
4) Dave Shuttleworth (Libertarian YouTuber)
5) Craig Drake (Macroeconomist)

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The Pre-History of Freedom – By Matthew John Hayden

The following is an article written by Matthew John Hayden, a libertarian blogger. To see more of his work, click HERE.

 Daniel Harding

Everything is scarce. As any rocket scientist will tell you, every gram counts. Everything is, then, subject to economic choice. I think all sane schools of economics agree on this. For all that David Graeber and others seek to make out as though the market process introduces unnecessary scarcity calculation into our lives, I’m confident a gift economy cannot give rise to the thousands of layers of today’s division of labour, and so today’s prosperity. Markets are just the consequence of and the setting for voluntary exchange between consenting human beings. That’s it. No brutality required. It is an Ur form of human interaction with strangers. Continue reading

PODCAST – Libertarian Alliance Question Time Episode 2

Daniel Harding

The following audio is from the second episode of the Libertarian Alliance’s ‘Question Time’ series.

Host – Keir Martland

panelists –

1) Dan Greene (Co-host, Greening Out Podcast)
2) Dr Andrew Linley (Professor, European-American University)
3) Daniel Harding (Digital Communications Director, Libertarian Alliance)
4) Dr Sean Gabb (Director, Libertarian Alliance)

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The Libertarian Alliance Podcast is Now Live

As of earlier this evening, the Libertarian Alliance podcast has now gone live. The audio from our ‘Question Time’ online debates has been uploaded to this website, and is now available to subscribe to via the RSS feed.

The URL for our podcast is:


The plan is to further increase the availability of the podcast by releasing it on iTunes, to which it has already been submitted for approval.

The second episode will be made available as soon as possible after it is recorded tomorrow evening.

If you have any recommendations as to how we can improve our podcast, then please comment below.