Sean Gabb on the New Ruling Class and “Grown-Up” Libertarianism

by Christian Robitaille

It is difficult for any writer to be both prolific and insightful. It is even more difficult to be so while defending opinions that are deemed to be dangerous by the State’s ruling class. Such writers are indeed often ridiculed or ignored. It thus requires courage as well as many other uncommon qualities to dedicate an important part of one’s life to effectively defend libertarianism. It first requires a profound knowledge of social theory and history. It then requires the ability to make sense, in light of this profound knowledge, of what the current state of the world is and to understand how it can be changed. Finally, it requires the skill to coherently articulate an opinion or a program which can be understood by as many intelligent readers as possible. Continue reading

Mises 2019 Conference Agenda

Ludwig von Mises Centre UK (est. 2017)
For Property and Freedom

Mises 2019
30th March,

The Regency Suite,
Amba Hotel Charing Cross,
London WC2N 5HX

10:45-11:00 – Arrivals
11:00-11:10 – Introduction
11:10-11:40 – Decentralised law is superior law, Richard Storey
11:40-12:10 – The commercial revolution in Latin Christendom, Matteo Salonia
12:10-14:00 – Lunch
14:00-14:30 – The Brexit process, David Myddelton
14:30-15:00 – The Good, the Bad, and the Brexit, Andy Duncan
15:00-15:30 – Schools vs Education, Swithun Dobson
15:30-15:50 – Coffee break
15:50-16:20 – Statism: the Trojan Horse of the Alt Right, Sean Gabb
16:20-17:00 – Panel discussion
17:00-17:10 – Closing remarks


Mises UK-CEVRO scholar reports on his experience

Do take the time to read the below, by Richard Mason, our Mises UK scholar at the CEVRO Institute:

Richard Mason writes, “Having been involved with SFL for much of my university career, I’d naturally heard many great things about CEVRO. The idea of broadening my understanding of politics, philosophy and economics under a prestigious international faculty was, of course, very enticing. Obviously, the idea of living and studying in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe was a pretty exciting concept as well.

So, as I pondered the potential routes I could take after graduating from my B.A., applying to CEVRO seemed like a great option. Fast-forward half a year from my acceptance letter, and I’m so glad I applied!

CEVRO and the PPE programme have not only met, but exceeded my expectations. While still in my first trimester, and thus just at the start of my M.A. journey, the content and structure of the courses so far have been seriously impressive. The core courses provide a great foundation for a broad understanding of all things PPE, while the electives allow a good deal of freedom to focus and specialise on something more specific.

The fact that these classes are taught by a world-class faculty is a cherry on top, especially since you get to work so closely with faculty, rather than sit behind 300 students in a lecture hall. This access to wonderful professors allows for a far more tailor-made experience than I’d imagine can be found at larger institutions.

This is only further evidenced by the individual support offered by CEVRO’s staff. Links to essay competitions, conferences, scholarships, and other academic opportunities are frequently shared with us on the course’s Facebook page, meaning we never miss an opportunity to showcase our work to the world.

As for the people I’m lucky enough to study with, I was very pleasantly surprised by the diversity of thoughts and opinions of my classmates. There’s plenty of room and opportunity for interesting, heated discussions on numerous topics both in class and out. Plus, when we aren’t discussing, the city of Prague famously has a plethora of social opportunities both day and night. With such a great student body, as well as the city’s large expat community, I haven’t found the time to feel bored!

To be able to study PPE in the heart of Prague, with a great range of scholarships available for many students, was naturally a no-brainer to me. I was fortunate enough to get one of these scholarships from the Mises Centre UK, and many more are offered to potential students from all over the world.

Anyone looking for an M.A. programme with a diverse curriculum, great opportunities for independent study, supportive staff, a close-knit family of classmates, and a truly exceptional international faculty need look no further. CEVRO is the place to go!”

Clearly CEVRO is everything Richard hoped it would be. If this piqued your interest, find out more about applying for the Mises UK scholarship at the excellent CEVRO Institute, Prague. 

Avengers: Infinity War Review (SPOILERS!!!)

Avengers: Infinity War Review
By Richard Storey

To be honest, I only watch superhero movies to see attractive people blow things up and make me laugh besides.  But, the depth of the Avengers movies has been growing as the themes reach into the heart of the problems with the West today.  In real life, Western countries are marked by ever more striking political divisions, as the 20th century taught us would happen if the Left gathered significant institutional power.  Captain America: Civil War mirrored these battling ideas and touched at the core problem. Continue reading

Libertarian Media of the Year 2017

Libertarian Media of the Year 2017
Warning – Spoilers Abound!
By Richard Storey

Movie:  Bladerunner 2049!  Never mind if you’re unfamiliar with the original masterpiece; this tech-noir classic is still perfectly viewable as a standalone.  The reason being its timeless theme which explores human nature, free will and the evil of meddling with the natural order of the human world.  Many will intuitively think the libertarianism I am celebrating here is the absolute capitalism of the universe of Bladerunner.  Not at all!  The stygian hellscape of the city is a cold sea of favelas and countless disregarded economic units.  This is not for a lack of socialism but, rather, a lack of personalism.  Let me explain. Continue reading