Mises 2018 Conference

Registration and tickets for our conference at the Amba Hotel Charing Cross on 27th January 2018 are available via the link below. The conference will be starting late morning and ending in time for dinner. Speakers are to include Godfrey Bloom, Sean Gabb, Andy Duncan, Matteo Salonia, and other Austrolibertarians, with topics including The Alt Right, The Modern Left, Libertarian Strategy, and The Great War. We will also be addressed by the winner of the Mises 2017 Essay Prize. We are welcoming libertarian delegations from overseas so expect tickets to sell fast. All attendees must register and payment on-line or by cheque or cash on the day will be acceptable.

A Homecoming: Another conference of the PFS

A Homecoming: Another conference of the PFS
Keir Martland 
21st September 2017

2017 09 Bodrum Martland Keir 01.JPGI arrived home a few days ago from the 12th annual conference of the Property and Freedom Society (PFS) in Bodrum, Turkey. Just like last year, and the year before that, I am missing everyone and everything already. For, as so many attendees had told me and as I myself now understand, attending a PFS conference is like a homecoming. This was my third conference and the most enjoyable yet for me. At the risk of exaggeration, I feel rather homesick being back in England! Continue reading

Mises UK Scholarship (MA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics)

The Mises UK Scholarship, CEVRO Institute, Prague


This up to 50 per cent tuition scholarship for the PPE & Austrian Economics Master’s program is awarded annually to a student from the UK with excellent undergraduate study record and a strong interest in the teaching of the Austrian School of Economics and Ludwig von Mises in particular.

The successful applicant for this scholarship must provide a sample of his written output along with a letter stating reasons why he/she should be considered for this scholarship.

Send applications to martland@misesuk.org

  • 3-trimester international master’s program
  • Modeled on University of Oxford
  • Integrates political philosophy, politics and political economy
  • Renowned lecturers from Czech, US and European universities

CEVRO Institute offers a unique world-class three-trimester long master’s degree program – Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE). PPE is an interdisciplinary program modeled on the successful PPE program at the University of Oxford. The program integrates the study of political philosophy, politics and political economy. The master’s program provides a unique understanding of current economic and political processes. The lecturers are renowned academics from leading universities in the Czech Republic, the USA and Europe. The program is taught completely in English.

For further information contact info@vsci.cz

New Energy, New Jobs

This promises to be an interesting event by Parliament Street:

We have all heard the arguments against Fracking, more seldom heard are the arguments for the process.

Parliament Street is pleased to host a discussion around the positive benefits of hydraulic fracturing especially in relation to creating jobs in the north of England, in particular.

Our speakers will be argue that implementing a US-style Energy Policy will benefit us as much as it has our cousins across the pond. Continue reading

Political and Cultural Essays, by Keir Martland

Political and Cultural Essays, November 2016

“[these essays] break out of the dead end that British libertarianism – and much American – has found itself in since about 1980.” – Dr. Sean Gabb (Director, The Libertarian Alliance)

Price: £12.99 (excl. VAT)

Paperback, 226 Pages

Buy here