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New Year Greetings from Neil Lock

This is a couple of years old, but I think it’s worth a re-publish.

You spend your life defending liberty,
You uphold reason, truth, prosperity;
Yet no-one notices your fervent prose.
And tyranny’s not lessened. No, it grows!

The climate’s changing, though. And, meme by meme,
People are learning things ain’t what they seem.
Slowly are rising tides of rage and hate
Against the privileges of the state.

A house without foundations cannot stand;
The state’s philosophy is built on sand.
All politics today is forged from nix
But violence, theft, fraud, lies and dirty tricks.

The work is long and wearying, my friend;
Sometimes, you think the pain will never end.
But darkest is the hour before the dawn,
Till vanquished by the splendour of the morn.

The Justice Clock inexorably ticks
Towards the Final Fail of politics.
Meanwhile I wish you, with much Christmas cheer,
A happy, prosperous, free, just New Year.


New Years

Bloody Shovel

2015 has been a pretty interesting year, in the Chinese proverb sense of the word. And it’ll only get… more interesting this year.

I opened an account a while ago, and I get a lot of questions about Japan. I guess there’s demand for news about Japanese politics, which I seldom discuss in this blog. I still don’t want to write about Japanese politics, even though there’s pretty interesting stuff. The recent diplomatic coup of Abe in Korea has been completely epic.

But I don’t want to discuss Japanese politics because I don’t want anybody to discuss Japanese politics. For any country which is not completely owned by the Cathedral, all publicity is bad publicity. Anything you say about Japan will make some SJW notice Japan and start arguing to convert them to progressivism. It’s bad enough already with the mainstream media and clowns like Noah Smith writing about Japan as if they knew anything. Leave Japan alone. Japan is not an example of how nice a country can be if it doesn’t obey the Cathedral. Not at all. Japan is the most progressive country on Earth, happy member of the international community. The women are feminist, trannies are free, and everybody eats a big spoonful of social justice before breakfast. So let’s stop looking at Japan, please. Hey look, a squirrel! Read more

Honouring the meretricious?

D.J. Webb

Everything about this country tells you it is time for a change. I have blogged before about the Church of England, and how we probably need to accept that things will never be the same—maybe the churches should become community centres for the English. I would prefer this to a long embezzlement of remaining funds by female bishops and clergymen preaching from the pulpits a doctrine that sounds remarkably similar to state propaganda on egalitarianism. Read more

HMQEII: Useless but ours, and 10x better than any (s)elected president

Sean Gabb

Parts of the speech are rather moving. I note particularly the implied criticism of those two dreadful wars. I also note the Great War cigarette box beside her. I wish she had taken her duties more literally since 1952. But there is nothing to be done about that now. I will only say that, compared with the sort of scum who make it to the top in republics, she is a light in the darkness. And, as said, she is ours. Her family has been lording it over us for 1500 years that we know about. Indeed, some of her ancestors may have been leading ours in raids across the Rhine on the Roman Empire. I suppose that ought to mean something. SIG

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