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Mises UK stands with Steve Baker MP

Some years ago, the Austrian School libertarian Conservative MP Steve Baker addressed a conference of the Libertarian Alliance. At this conference, Mr Baker showed himself to be a sound Austrolibertarian and a supporter of property, freedom, free trade, sound money, and peace. Mr Baker has since become a Government minister. The mainstream media [see this ridiculous article at The Independent] is now using all of its usual tactics to attempt to smear him.

The article at The Independent includes a quotation from the Shadow Brexit Secretary, Keir Starmer. Mr Starmer says that “there should be no place” for Mr Baker’s views. The Ludwig von Mises Centre disagrees; Steve Baker’s views are those which will ensure a clean Brexit is delivered.

Put succinctly at the 2010 Libertarian Alliance conference, Mr Baker believes that:

…the European Union needs to be wholly torn down.

As successor to the Libertarian Alliance, the “right-wing think tank” named in the linked article, Mises UK fully endorses the views expressed by Mr Baker in 2010. The European Union is a protectionist trade bloc with authoritarian and centralising tendencies and dangerous geopolitical ambitions; it must be wholly torn down.

Mises UK does agree, however, with one statement by Keir Starmer: “It is extraordinary that Theresa May has put such an extreme Brexiteer at the heart of the Government.” It is indeed extraordinary. And it is surely a good sign. Mises UK is proud to stand with Steve Baker.


Introducing the New Director

Re: Introducing the New Director

Dear All,

Sean has repeatedly said to me “I’m not a leader.” I disagree. I think he has done a fine job as Director of the Libertarian Alliance. However, he is now keen to do other things, other things which will be made easier without the baggage of being the head of a libertarian organisation. Sean has wanted to do other things for some time, but no one has been either willing or able to relieve him of the burden of the directorship of the Libertarian Alliance. Until now. Read more

Sean Gabb: Notice of Abdication

Notice of Abdication
by Sean Gabb

(19th June 2017)

I have always known I would one day write a posting like this one. But, as with death, stepping down from the Libertarian Alliance was something I chose to contemplate from a distance. Here it now is. By the time you read these words, I shall no longer be Director of the Libertarian Alliance. My role as absolute master of the organisation will have been taken by Keir Martland.

Since I do not wish to write at length, my reasons for stepping down can be summarised under two headings: Read more

The General Election: A Clarificatory Statement

Sean Gabb

For the avoidance of doubt, I will remind our readers that the Libertarian Alliance is a charity, and takes no corporate view on the General Election. One of our officers may vote Labour, another Liberal Democrat. The rest of us who bother will probably vote Conservative or UKIP. But the Libertarian Alliance itself will remain indifferent to the results.

We will only call on the various candidates to pledge themselves to restoring our matchless Ancient Constitution – the full rights of freedom of speech and association, the rights to trial by jury for all criminal offences, plus other Common Law protections, and a state that lives within its proper bounds and means. Let these pledges be given and kept, and it matters not at all which party may win a majority of the seats.

New Energy, New Jobs

This promises to be an interesting event by Parliament Street:

We have all heard the arguments against Fracking, more seldom heard are the arguments for the process.

Parliament Street is pleased to host a discussion around the positive benefits of hydraulic fracturing especially in relation to creating jobs in the north of England, in particular.

Our speakers will be argue that implementing a US-style Energy Policy will benefit us as much as it has our cousins across the pond. Read more

Helen Szamuely RIP

I have just learned that Dr Helen Szamuely, erstwhile Head of Research for the Bruges Group, organiser of the Rally for Freedom, a founding member of UKIP, and longtime star of the Eurosceptic movement has passed away. On behalf of the Libertarian Alliance, I should like to express my condolences to her family and friends at this difficult time. Requiescat in pace. 

Apologies from Sean

I have written nothing for this Blog in over two months. My reasons for this are:

  1. I have been writing a book that refuses to end;
  2. My professional workload has expanded without warning and without apparent upper limit.

Many apologies for this, and reassurances to all who may be reading that I haven’t died or lost interest in the Good Cause. My book should finish in the next week. Though my workload for the next month looks set to involve fifteen hour days, seven days a week, I do promise to write something very soon.

And thanks to Neil and to Ilana for keeping the flag aloft in my absence.

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