Some thoughts on pacifism

Some Thoughts on Pacifism
By Neil Lock

Christian Michel has posed the question: “Is pacifism not only inept, but also morally abhorrent (evil everywhere should always be fought)?”

This question isn’t as simple as it sounds. For a start, my dictionary gives three different meanings of the word “pacifism.” (1) Opposition to war or violence as a means of settling disputes. (2) More specifically, refusal to bear arms on moral or religious grounds. (3) An attitude or policy of non-resistance. Continue reading

An X-Rated Conversation about LGBTQ & XX In The Military

By Ilana Mercer

PREDICTABLY, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have already pooh-poohed President Trump’s July 26th LGBTQ directives, banning the politicized transgender production from the theater of war.

Why “predictably” (preachy, too)? Whether Republicans like it or not, the military is government; it works like government; is financed like government, and is marred by the same inherent malignancies of government. Like all government-run divisions and departments, the US military is manacled by multiculturalism, feminism and all manner of outré sexual politics, affirmative action, and political correctness that can kill. Continue reading

Our Armed forces should defend Britain, not promote Liberal neo-colonial interventionism

Robert Henderson

For the British political elite the loss of empire did not signal the end of the imperial mentality. As a consequence, Britain’s defence capability continued for decades to be built upon the ridiculous assumption that she still had the military responsibilities of a great power. This has meant until recent years that Britain has shaped her defence to be able to operate, in theory at least, anywhere in the world, with a very full range of expensive military toys such as aircraft carriers and heavy tanks, neither of which is necessary for the defence of modern Britain. Continue reading

The Paris Shootings and Foreign Policy

Daniel Harding

Ron Paul said shortly after the Paris shootings that foreign policy was to blame for the resulting backlash from the various violent extremist groups found in the middle-east (mostly formed during western ‘interventions’ in those countries over the last two decades). Naturally, this view from Dr Paul has caused some controversy amongst our statist ‘friends’ around the world.

Continue reading

This all looks very nice…but…

David Davis

It says over at the Daily Telegraph that 1.5 million people have “marched for unity” in Paris, accompanied by “world leaders”. This gives the drones warm wet feelings between their legs of course, as is intended.

In about a week, the shooting-up of an ordinary (if left-wing) newspaper’s offices will have been forgotten, and “world leaders” will be able to resume the chip-by-chip chipping-away of liberty and freedom of expression for those people and groups in our civilisation that are not currently favoured and petted for vote-farming.

“Ordinary people” like those in the rallies, and their “leaders”, have to either shit or get off the pot. Either this keeps on happening (and it will) and these ralliers keep on rallying and saying “We Are All Americans Now” (like the day after 9/11) and then _do something positive_, or not. (Just like they didn’t then, and won’t now.)

One particularly interesting thing I noticed was what Boris Johnson, the elected mayor of Continue reading

I’d like to tell you how nasty the “greens” are, but someone else can do it better than I can

David Davis

I think I’ll just send you to read this Christmas Story. It actually really rather scared me badly, and I had difficulty sleeping, thinking my car had been towed away in the night and without a tax disk or an MOT. (It comes to me often,, this dream, I being a Londoner, but this was worse.)

In the end, the GreeNazis are arguably the single or multiple-greatest threat that Humankind faces in the next 100-150 years.

It will probably take that long to (a) get rid of the effing bastards, all their “university departments” (that’s the simple bit – you just close them down) and  – worse – have to cleanse educationally-speaking all their families and those associated with them that got tainted at the same time and cannot be “turned”, and (b) BURN ALL the books (happily mostly in British State Schools so it won’t take long) and delete all the websites (and there are lots, even in enemy-countries) that contain leftoStaliNazi AGW stuff, purporting to the the truth.

It’s a terrible pity really, and it didn’t need to come about, if we had been more vigilant in 1945.