Just Guidelines? Yeah Right!

Dick Puddlecote

Just Guidelines? Yeah Right! Well what a day of turgid gobshitery and joyless shroud-waving we have witnessed today over the Chief Morality Officer’s new alcohol guidelines. I’d post about how deeply flawed they are but Snowdon has done so admirably already so pop over there and read all about it. Continue reading

Marmite Vodka: Only Under Prohibition

James C. Wilson
Vegemite Liquor: Only Under Prohibition

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot denies that his government seeks to impose restrictions on the sale of Vegemite, Australia’s popular yeast-based sandwich spread. Allegations of such a ban rose after Australia’s Indigenous Affairs minister Nigel Scullion made headlines alleging that the spread’s use in home-brewing is a “precursor to misery” in certain dry counties with large aboriginal populations. Continue reading

The Youth Non-Drinking Epidemic

Dick Puddlecote

The Youth Non-Drinking EpidemicMore news today on this ‘binge-drinking epidemic’ amongst young people that we keep hearing about.

The study says the proportion of teenagers and young adults drinking on five or more days a week has more than halved since 2005. Binge drinking – which is defined as more than eight units for men and six units for women – has gone down by nearly a third to 18% among this age group over the same period.

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Keeping Us Down: The Dark Side of Drinking Culture

Gemma Hunt

Most newcomers to the UK unfamiliar with the country may make note of a few things. One is the undeniable friendliness of the British people as an overall rule, although particular minorities may not always enjoy such an enthused welcome. A deep-founded love for arts, science and innovation is another, but this often has to be sought out as they become more niches than components of mainstream culture. And despite several pubs closing per week, another aspect of British life – which is often carried overseas in the acts of ex-pats as well as at home – is the heavy drinking culture. While this drinking culture is “disapproved” of to a certain degree and taking its toll on the NHS, it is a culture which enables the elite to assign particular stereotypes to the public. Ironically, addictions such as smoking continue to be increasingly demonized while alcoholism is virtually promoted.[I]

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Nutt As A Fruitcake

Dick Puddlecote

Professor David Nutt – the ex government adviser who admirably favours drug legalisation and is a fan of e-cigs – would be a much easier person to like if he wasn’t such a raving arse when it comes to alcohol.

Today he has written a mess of a piece for the Spectator arguing for fewer restrictions on cannabis and MDMA (ecstasy) while disingenuously pushing drinkers off a cliff. The utter crap he spouts about minimum alcohol pricing in particular is jaw-dropping. Continue reading

Eat Drink And Be Merry!

Dick Puddlecote

Eat Drink And Be Merry! It’s that ♪ most won-der-ful time … of the year ♫ when the BBC likes to wheel out miserablists to tell us all we are in mortal danger if we simply enjoy ourselves in time-honoured fashion.

For example, on Friday morning I managed to catch Alcohol Concern’s Jackie Ballard take to the airwaves (around 1:42:30 here) to warn of the perils of demob happiness on what was, apparently, another “Black Friday” – or the day we choose to celebrate with a drink or two more than any other in the calendar to the rest of us.

You see, there are those {gasp} ‘limits’ to watch out for. Continue reading

Drinking While Pregnant Could Become a Criminal Offence

by Stewart Cowan

Drinking While Pregnant Could Become a Criminal Offence

What isn’t (or isn’t going to be), I am starting to wonder?

From one of Dick Puddlecote’s posts last week,

DUP MP Ian Paisley quite rightly ripped into incompetent former health minister Anna Soubry over the loss of 900 jobs in his constituency at an annual cost of £160 million to the UK economy.

The lost jobs are to be at what I believe is the UK’s last remaining cigarette factory, Gallaher’s in Ballymena, Co Antrim. Continue reading