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“I Can’t Think Of A More Damaging Policy”

Dick Puddlecote

“I Can’t Think Of A More Damaging Policy” File this under “unintended consequences that the tobacco control industry couldn’t give a toss about”. Because they don’t get paid to.

Via Prisoner Ben – someone who knows about what happens in prison thanks to 32 years’ experience of it – here is an assessment of how well thought-through the impending prison smoking ban is (emphases mine). Read more

Dick Out And About In Shrewsbury

Dick Puddlecote

Dick Out And About In Shrewsbury On Saturday we Puddlecotes went on holiday or, to be more accurate, we grown up Puddlecotes withdrew a ton of money which the little Ps will mostly spend on our behalf. On the way, though, we dragged them to Vapefest 2015 to put them through some excruciating boredom beforehand.

Held in Shrewsbury, Vapefest is an event which attracts much of the beard, tattoo and piercing lung-loading end of the vaping market as you can see from this overview vid. Read more

Another Evidence-Free Ban, This Time In SW1

Dick Puddlecote

Another Evidence-Free Ban, This Time In SW1 Does anyone remember secondhand smoke, aka passive smoking?.

For those with short memories, this was a ruse imagined in 1975 by Sir George Godber to promote a policy of “fostering the perception that secondhand smoke is unhealthy for nonsmokers”, after which the tobacco control industry set about creating the junk science to go with it. The first studies – by rabid professional anti-smoking cranks, natch – started to filter through at the start of the 1980s and eventually in 1993 and 2004 respectively, two politically-driven meta-analyses tortured cherry-picked tobacco control ‘science’ in the US and the UK in order to convince us all that secondhand smoke was dangerous. It mattered little that their conclusions amounted to a tiny and inconsequential relative risk (1.19 & 1.24) which would be dismissed as irrelevant in any other field of research, it was only required to manipulate politicians into passing illiberal and unnecessary bans.

Of course, the charlatans were just chasing headlines so by the time legislation was proposed – the only goal of the whole crusade – many people believed a wisp of smoke was as deadly as napalm, as architect of the UK ban Patricia Hewitt illustrated in 2007.

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt said the ban was a “huge step forward” which would save thousands of people’s lives.

Ms Hewitt said the ban would protect everyone from second-hand smoke, while making it easier for smokers to quit.

“The scientific and medical evidence is clear – second-hand smoke kills, causing a range of serious medical conditions including lung cancer, heart disease, and sudden infant death syndrome,” she said.

“This legislation will help to prevent the unnecessary deaths caused every year from second-hand smoke, and recognises that there is absolutely no safe level of exposure.”

From rancid twisted conspiracy to bans on freely-chosen behaviour on the back of shonky propaganda, Read more

Tobacco Control Torturers

Dick Puddlecote

Tobacco Control Torturers Following on from yesterday’s piece about how we are expected to now abandon liberties in favour of absolute safety, comes this.

Since July 2008, mental health facilities in England have had indoor smoking bans. However, NICE guidelines recommend that all NHS sites, including psychiatric hospitals become completely smoke-free

It is written by Olivia Maynard, who has carved a lucrative career as a professional anti-smoker. She reviews the ‘evidence’ surrounding enforcing bans on people with mental health who are locked up for their own good, and finds it hunky-dory.

The evidence presented in this systematic review suggests that complete bans are the most effective at encouraging smoking cessation and that the provision of nicotine dependence treatment, such as NRT or brief advice, is also crucial.

Read more

As If Prohibition Never Happened

Dick Puddlecote

As If Prohibition Never Happened While Australian anti-smoking lunatics continue to pat themselves on the back for installing the utterly pointless policy of plain packaging, BAT Australia has announced some astonishing news.

British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) is considering launching a Make Your Own (MYO) cigarette brand to try and capture the growing number of illegal chop chop smokers.

Read more

Election Reflections

Dick Puddlecote

Election Reflections A few days ago I wrote about how the election may affect the cause of vaping and e-cigs based on evidence from the archives here at Puddlecote Towers. Not particularly forensic, but events since make me fairly optimistic about the future.

E-Cigarette Politics has offered a considered view of how the election changes matters, and I would go along with most of it. Read more

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