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Europe: A Simplification of the Issues

Europe: A Simplification of the Issues
by Sean Gabb
(1st March 2018)

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One of my readers has asked for my opinion on the draft treaty of withdrawal from the European Union. Since I have not read its 120 pages, and since I have no wish to read them, I am in no position to comment. Or perhaps I am just more honest than most of those who are commenting. Whatever the case, I will not comment. Instead, I will give a general view of what seems to be happening. Read more


Godfrey Bloom: £40 billion plus of Danegeld for the EU?

This afternoon, on the Jon Gaunt Radio Show, Godfrey Bloom spoke about the latest news from Westminster that Theresa May is contemplating handing the EU £40 billion pounds of taxpayer cash in a modern form of paying Danegeld.

If you would like to listen to this interview, please click on the audio link below:

Heseltine vs. Bloom

Yesterday, on the Jeremy Vine show, on BBC Radio 2, Godfrey Bloom spoke after listening to Michael Heseltine telling us that we had to cave in to the EU on everything that they demand from us to exit their political organisation.

If you would like to listen to these two gentlemen, please click on the audio link below.

Michael Heseltine speaks first, then Godfrey Bloom speaks second, at 4:48:



Godfrey Bloom: Brexit Mutineers

This afternoon, on the Roberto Perrone show on BBC Three Counties Radio, our Honorary President Godfrey Bloom spoke about the recent parliamentary story covering the Conservative Party’s ‘Brexit Mutineers’.

If you would like to listen to this interview, please click on the audio link below:


Brexit ‘no deal’ means Britons will be barred from taking pets to the continent, Michel Barnier warns

By Andy Duncan

While the EU’s Geheime Staatspolizei worry themselves about the UK exiting their moribund empire, and hopefully hastening its existential collapse, they’ve threatened economic blockades and political isolation, all to little effect, except perhaps to induce weeping amongst the state-subsidised Guardian-reader Remainer class. However, now they’ve wheeled out yet another dastardly blackmail threat, in perhaps the most ultimate sanction of all. They’re apparently now going to ban British people from taking their pets to Europe! As the UK has long been a nation of impassioned animal lovers, this is travelling way below the belt. I’ve yet to feel the absolute need to take my polished pitch-fork to the White Cliffs of Dover to wave it at the Cap Gris Nez, and the adjoining Pas-de-Calais, but that time may soon be approaching.

Andy Duncan is an Honorary Vice-President of Mises UK and also the Chief Technology Officer of FinLingo.Com

Godfrey Bloom: Are Remainers More Intelligent Than Brexiteers?

This morning, Godfrey Bloom spoke on the Jonathan Vernon-Smith show, on BBC Three Counties, about the recent claim by Labour MP, Barry Sheerman, that Remainers are better educated than Brexiteers.

Mr Bloom is joined in a ‘lively’ fifteen-and-a-half minute discussion by Jerry Hayes, the former Conservative MP.

If you would like to listen to their debate, please click on the audio file link, below:


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