Godfrey Bloom: Sex, Interest Rates, & Stock Market Crashes

In a wide-ranging interview, our Honorary President Godfrey Bloom spoke this afternoon to Jon Gaunt about several interrelated topics, including sexual scandals, the overseas aid budget, the raising of interest rates by the Bank of England, and the possibility of an economic crash brought about by central bank money manipulation, as predicted by Austrian Business Cycle Theory.

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Godfrey Bloom: Remove the Deficit Now!

With reports in the press that the current UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond, is planning to keep increasing the UK state’s black hole of debt for another eight years, ten years beyond the initial plan, Godfrey Bloom recently spoke on this subject to Duncan Barkes, on BBC Radio London.

In the interview, Mr Bloom outlined a straightforward plan to wipe away the UK state’s deficit spending immediately, given sufficient political backbone from the Chancellor.

If you would like to listen to the interview, please click on the audio link below:

On the New Wave of Migrants

Mustela nivalis

The rumblings in the world are increasing in volume and scope. Here are a few choice samples:

The Greeks are emptying their accounts – i.e., they are pulling “euros” from various points in the wall. Paper notes which the ECB printed only the day before. They will be wise to keep them, because winters in the Mediterranean can be quite cold, and once their boilers malfunction, and the last plumber has left, taking the last spanner with him, they will at least have paper to burn (if they can still afford matches). It would be wrong to laugh however, because the Greeks are the canary in the coal mine and have merely descended further and faster down the shaft than any other EU member state.

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