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Thoughts on healthcare

By D. J. Webb

I am sorry to have disappointed Dr Gabb by not posting for some time. Here is my explanation and some thoughts.

I went to the Ukraine in early December to stay for three months with a friend in a city called Dnepropretrovsk (renamed Dnepr). Apart from the weather, it was a very pleasant holiday. I particularly enjoyed learning how to make the dish, compulsory for New Year’s Eve, herring “under a fur coat” (herring under layers of potato, egg, carrots, beetroot, all mixed up with mayonnaise). It sounds terrible, but is very delicious. And I got to practise my Russian. I’m not impressed that a first-class degree in Russian, such as I was awarded by Leeds University in 1995, is given in this country to people with far from fluent Russian. Parliament ought to look into it. But my Russian is better than ever before. Read more


The NHS: A Libertarian Perspective

Sean Gabb

Note: An old article, but possibly worth republishing. SIG

The National Health Service:
A Libertarian Perspective
by Sean Gabb
(18th August 2009)

During the past week, much of the English speaking world has been drawn into a debate on the merits of the National Health Service. For those unaware of this debate or its subject matter, I will say that the NHS, established in 1948, provides health care free at the point of use for everyone legally in the United Kingdom. It is paid for by the British State out of general taxation, and no account is taken, in treating patients, of how much they have paid or are likely to pay in taxes. The new American Government has proposed changes in the provision of health care that will move the American system to some extent in the direction of the British. This has been denounced by many Americans as a step towards an inherently sinister and inefficient system. Read more