Kick Anti-Racism out of Football!

D J Webb

I’m personally sick of football being used to promote the politics of racial and national dispossession.

Football fans should not be subject to political propaganda of any type. There should be no link between attending a football match and espousing right-on views on racial relations.

UEFA and any other football association should have no policies on race and racism, and no footballer should be investigated by kangaroo courts held to establish his political views.

I should add that I regard football as a low-brow interest, and I’m not a supporter of any team, and I know nothing about the off-side rule. My only focus in this article is on the _politicisation of football_. Continue reading

I thought this was quite interesting.

David Davis

This is about Gideon Bibles being put in people’s rooms that they live in, in Universities.

Firstly, we could discuss the dilemma faced by those wondering whether Aberystwyth actually “has” a university.

But perhaps this would be slightly below the belt as we are not just here discussing the volume-based-degradation of the “University Concept”. Aberystwyth is a fine town, and there seems to be a university there. We’ll see about that later on.

But in the meantime, the “Universitas” is an essentially West-European-Christian institution; and it is therefore by definition nothing whatsoever to do with post-modern GramscoFabiaNazi fads and their inevitable resulting pogroms. These pogroms, being essentially atavistic, zombie-raised and anti-liberal and pre-capitalist-barbarian phenomena, ought to be isolated and quarantined in the first instance by shutting-down almost all Western “universities”.

It’s sad, and I’m sorry, but if the “guv’nors” of all those 645,675,497 “universities” had been awake, then this  _shut-down_   act would not be necessary. It’s however necessary to turn out the “teachers” and the “students” into the real world, to see if _any of them are any good at anything _ . I’m not trying to out-do Pol Pot; merely to show how wrong the bastard was.

Here, the real issue is about overturning established tradition for the wrong reasons.

Secondly, nobody is forcing  _’students’_ at Aberystwyth to Continue reading

This all looks very nice…but…

David Davis

It says over at the Daily Telegraph that 1.5 million people have “marched for unity” in Paris, accompanied by “world leaders”. This gives the drones warm wet feelings between their legs of course, as is intended.

In about a week, the shooting-up of an ordinary (if left-wing) newspaper’s offices will have been forgotten, and “world leaders” will be able to resume the chip-by-chip chipping-away of liberty and freedom of expression for those people and groups in our civilisation that are not currently favoured and petted for vote-farming.

“Ordinary people” like those in the rallies, and their “leaders”, have to either shit or get off the pot. Either this keeps on happening (and it will) and these ralliers keep on rallying and saying “We Are All Americans Now” (like the day after 9/11) and then _do something positive_, or not. (Just like they didn’t then, and won’t now.)

One particularly interesting thing I noticed was what Boris Johnson, the elected mayor of Continue reading

Generic truths revisited

David Davis

Counting Cats said this. Or rather, they said that J R R Tolkien said it:-

“I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”

in “The Two Towers”.

The only thing I would entreat libertarians to ultimately consider, is the need at some point, and really rather soon in historiographic terms, for liberal-inclined nations to arm themselves to the teeth (as I have often trumpeted) “without restriction”.

We learn today that we needed to “call on the Americans” in order to track a Russian Sumbarine in the North Eastern Atlantic. This is a not small place in which not one single copepod or shrimp-larva ought to be able to stir its arse, – let alone the Sumbarines of a country that our EnemyClass seems to be determined to piss off and irritate –  without our War Secretariat knowing about it.

Leaving aside Sean Gabb’s and my collective dislike of the American-Federal-PoliticalEnemyClass and what they stand for – as opposed to the American People which is a different matter as I always am at pains to actively point out – what the hell are we playing at? (That’s to paraphrase D J Webb earlier.)

I’d like to tell you how nasty the “greens” are, but someone else can do it better than I can

David Davis

I think I’ll just send you to read this Christmas Story. It actually really rather scared me badly, and I had difficulty sleeping, thinking my car had been towed away in the night and without a tax disk or an MOT. (It comes to me often,, this dream, I being a Londoner, but this was worse.)

In the end, the GreeNazis are arguably the single or multiple-greatest threat that Humankind faces in the next 100-150 years.

It will probably take that long to (a) get rid of the effing bastards, all their “university departments” (that’s the simple bit – you just close them down) and  – worse – have to cleanse educationally-speaking all their families and those associated with them that got tainted at the same time and cannot be “turned”, and (b) BURN ALL the books (happily mostly in British State Schools so it won’t take long) and delete all the websites (and there are lots, even in enemy-countries) that contain leftoStaliNazi AGW stuff, purporting to the the truth.

It’s a terrible pity really, and it didn’t need to come about, if we had been more vigilant in 1945.

Godfrey Bloom: A Martian’s assessment of earth

A Martian’s assessment of earth
by Godfrey Bloom

Let us assume for the purpose of argument we were hosting a competent, experienced management consultant from another galaxy with an in depth knowledge of planet earth’s economic history. He has, of course, no cronies, no axe to grind, he is dispassionate, he is most certainly not an intellectual or academic. He is not part of any political dogma or machine. He has no cronies and no personal financial interest. Indeed he returns to his own galaxy on completion of his report. What would this ice-cold individual recommend driven by pure common sense? Continue reading