Should Michael Adebolajo have the Right to Sue His Jailers for Assault?

Should Michael Adebolajo have the Right to Sue His Jailers for Assault?
by Sean Gabb
10th December 2015

Michael Adebolajo, one of the men who murdered Lee Rigby in 2013, has decided to sue his jailers for assault. He alleges that the beat him up after he was arrested, amd knocked out two of his front teeth. This has caused outrage among the public and politicians.

On Thursday the 10th December 2015, Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, went on the BBC Radio Ulster Talkback programme, to defend Mr Adebolajo’s right to sue.

He argued: Continue reading

Bitcoin: The Fearmongers’ Dirty Little Secret

Thomas Knapp
Bitcoin: The Fearmongers’ Dirty Little SecretThe bitcoin logoThe bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

European bureaucrats barely allowed the blood to dry on Paris’s cafe floors before calling a “crisis meeting” on November 19 to plot new ways of seizing power over the emerging digital economy. Their targets: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well gift cards loaded with cash. Basically, any method of spending or receiving money without the state’s knowledge and permission.

Now, mind you, no evidence has emerged linking any of these things to the Paris attacks. The attacks weren’t the REASON for this new initiative; they were a PRETEXT for it. Bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in general keep the political class lying awake at night. Terrorism is just an easy hook to publicly hang their fear on without revealing that fear’s real roots. When there’s no convenient blood on the floor to point to, they purse their lips and lecture us on fraud, identity theft and other nastiness they pretend to protect us from. Continue reading

The Illogic Of The American Immigration-Industrial-Complex

Ilana Mercer

From her bright eyes and big smile to her sun-kissed, luscious locks, Kathryn Steinle was the consummate California girl. The 32-year-old was shot dead by a proxy of the American Immigration-Industrial-Complex.

ICE, the federal wing of The Complex, was quick to blame its local branch: the City of San Francisco. San Francisco is the sanctuary city that unleashed confessed killer Francisco Sanchez. As a matter of policy, sanctuary cities commit to protecting their illegal population as they would their endangered species. Continue reading

Ian B on the Abolition of Cash Transactions

Ian B

Note: This posting began life as a comment on the similar article by Robert Henderson. SIG

The abolition of cash transactions is a very worrying near future scenario and one that should be of great concern to libertarians, or anyone who wants monetary privacy. The problem is that for most purchases, electronic really is very quick and easy and naturally advantageous. The days of pay packets bulging with twenty pound notes are sadly already long gone. I argued a long time ago among friends and those who could not get away from me that the obligation to accept one’s wages into a bank account is fundamentally unjust- since the money is being paid not to oneself, but to a third party- but it fell on largely deaf ears. But then I think monthly pay is a ludicrous injustice too, but most people don’t give a damn about that either. Continue reading

My Flag is the Black Flag: Some Thoughts on Charleston, Gun Control and the Confederate Flag (Keith Preston)

Keith Preston

The recent murder of nine African-Americans in Charleston, South Carolina by a deranged white supremacist has generated something of a backlash against the Confederate flag, long a symbolic target of the Left in America’s ongoing culture wars. Massacres carried out by a mentally disturbed lone gunman are hardly a novelty in the United States. In fact, they’re fairly routine. Sometimes the killers are motivated by racism, sometimes by other things, and sometimes they seem to have no apparent motive at all. Perhaps this should come as no surprise. A nation of 320 million people is statistically likely to include quite a few fruitbats among its populace. Continue reading

“Heritage Not Hate”: A Lie With Any Flag

Kevin Carson

“Heritage Not Hate”: A Lie With Any Flag

Images circulated, in the aftermath of Dylann Roof’s racially motivated mass shooting at the historically black Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, included not only numerous pictures of Roof brandishing the Confederate battle flag but one of him squatting over a rumpled U.S. flag and trampling it underfoot. His disrespect to Old Glory suggests that he sees himself as having taken the “red pill,” seen through the American state’s ideological pretenses to represent ordinary people, and discerned its true nature as the representative of an alien, oppressive system of power. In this he would be right, as far as it goes. Continue reading

A Candidate To ‘Kick The Crap Out Of All The Politicians’

Ilana Mercer

Since he announced for president, real-estate tycoon Donald Trump has distinguished himself from the pack of Republican presidential hopefuls.

Trump claims he opposed the invasion of Iraq. If this is true, it would make him better than almost all his Republican competitors, who mulishly continue to justify the most disastrous military campaign in American history (besides the War Between The States). Continue reading