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By ilana mercer

Mitt gives Mormons (whom I love) a bad name. I thought Mormons weren’t meant to bad-mouth others. Yet Mitt had nothing but bad things to say about Donald Trump, who is political tabula rasa, and has never passed a law in his life.

Neither has Trump ever caused the death of a single Iraqi kid. But the religiously devout Romney called him evil for defiling the precious memory of someone who had caused many thousands of such deaths: Bush II. Continue reading

Crime Fiction within the Academy: The Creative and Critical Possibilities

Crime Fiction within the Academy:
The Creative and Critical Possibilities
Seminar Presentation Given at the University of East Anglia
on the 25th February 2016
by Richard Blake

In trying to make sense of any subject, definitions must come at the beginning, and must be both clear and consistently applied. I therefore define crime fiction as any piece of imaginative writing in which a crime against life or property occurs, and in which there is some chance that the perpetrator will be brought to some kind of justice. Continue reading

L. Neil Smith, Lifetime Achievement Award

Note:Excellent news. Neil has always been a good friend, and a mentor. He deserves this, and I rejoice for him. SIG


L. Neil Smith, Lifetime Achievement Award

The Libertarian Futurist Society has decided to present a Special Prometheus Award for lifetime achievement to L. Neil Smith.

Smith is only the fourth author in LFS history to receive a Special Prometheus Award for lifetime achievement. The previous Lifetime Achievement winners were Poul Anderson (2001), Vernor Vinge (2014) and F. Paul Wilson (2015). Continue reading

Death in Ravenna – Richard Blake

8141L+BzKGL__SL1500_Part One – Ravenna, Wednesday the 20th September, 618 AD


Eunuchs can’t grow beards. Everyone knows that. No balls, no beard. An Exarch, on the other hand – an Exarch of Ravenna, no less – why, everyone knows he needs a beard. He represents the Emperor. For all the power he wields, and this far from Constantinople, he might as well be the Emperor. He must have a beard. No beard, no Exarch. Everyone knows that. So when the Exarch happens to be a eunuch, there’s both a problem and an obvious solution. Continue reading