Michael Gove and Harvey Weinstein: No Laughing Matter at the BBC

Michael Gove and Harvey Weinstein:
No Laughing Matter at the BBC

Sean Gabb
27th October 2017

Every so often, I promise myself never to go on the broadcast media again. I think this is a promise I should now think of keeping.

Earlier today, the 27th October 2017, the Conservative politician Michael Gove compared being interviewed by John Humphreys to being taken into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom. Everyone laughed until some radio presenter called Shelagh Fogarty set off a virtue spiral with claims that the joke “trivialised” victims of sexual assault. The ritual condemnations rolled in at once, and Mr Gove apologised.

Probably because no one else was willing, I was begged to go on BBC Radio 5 this evening and discuss the matter with Miss Fogarty on the Stephen Nolan Show. I finally agreed.

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Votes for Women? Curt Doolittle, Sean Gabb, Keith Preston

Curt Doolittle comments

Last night. Invited to a talk about the enfranchisement of women.

Me, Keith Preston, Sean Gabb

Of course this conversation degenerates quickly to ‘arguing what I understand rather than arguing the subject matter’.

I give my usual:

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Against Universal State Surveillance (2015), by Sean Gabb

Against Universal State Surveillance
by Sean Gabb
4th November 2015

The British Government is promising a Bill to make Internet service providers and telephone companies store details of our communications and to make these available to the authorities. Sean Gabb discusses this on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester. He says: Continue reading