Free Life Podcast: Sean Gabb on CCTV Surveillance (2016)

On 2nd April 2016, Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, welcomes the decision by Havant Council to take down its CCTV cameras. This is taken from a discussion on BBC Radio 5.

Against Universal State Surveillance (2015), by Sean Gabb

Against Universal State Surveillance
by Sean Gabb
4th November 2015

The British Government is promising a Bill to make Internet service providers and telephone companies store details of our communications and to make these available to the authorities. Sean Gabb discusses this on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester. He says: Continue reading

Greening Out Interview #23 – Sean Gabb on Classical Liberalism (2015)

Sean Gabb joins Caity and Dan for a third time for a fascinating conversation around the topic of classical liberalism.

We begin by discussing classical liberal ideas going back to ancient Greece and being hard-wired into western European thought and how this can be shown in fairy and folk tales that are quite unique to western Europe. Continue reading

A British Libertarian on Margaret Thatcher, Iraq, and More (2015), Interview with Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb, director of the Libertarian Alliance, discusses what he calls the myth of Margaret Thatcher, plus much more. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show:…

Interview with Richard Blake

 Historical novelist Richard Blake
on writing fiction readers will like

Tom Jackson
Jan 5, 2015

If you love historical fiction as much as I do, you need to get to know Richard Blake, the author of a series of historical novels about the adventures of an Englishman named Aelric in Italy after the fall of Rome, and in various portions of the Byzantine Empire. They offer a wonderfully vivid portrait of a fascinating period of history. And also lots of action and intrigue.

Blake’s first novel in the series came out in 2006 as “The Column of Phocas.” Perhaps wisely, the major British publisher which picked it up retitled it “Conspiracies of Rome.” It’s been followed by “The Terror of Constantinople,” “The Blood of Alexandria,” “The Sword of Damascus,” “The Ghosts of Athens” and “The Curse of Babylon.” Continue reading

Greening Out Interviews Sean Gabb

Listen to the interview.

Dr Sean Gabb is a writer and broadcaster and academic. He is the author of twenty books, which include ten novels and three volumes of poetry. He has been commercially translated into Italian, Spanish, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian and Chinese.

He joined the Libertarian Alliance in 1979. He became its Director in 2006, shortly before the death of its founder Chris Tame.

We talk about Libertarianism in the UK, conservatism, the NHS, UKIP, mass immigration, gay marriage, Scottish independence, Marxism and much more.