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Should Food Advertisements for Children be Banned?


Newsnight and “BBC bias”

By Pete North

The left are getting their knickers in a twist over vacuous Beeboid, Laura Kuenssberg, and “BBC bias”. It is wholly imaginary. What they are noticing is not bias or even bias by omission. What they are noticing is the absence of any kind of sophistication in their political analysis. All you get from the BBC on any given subject is thin gruel dressed up as news.

They have lost the capacity for serious reporting. The industry is run by children for children. Some time ago they decided that stuffy BBC reporters talking about adult things on an adult level was exclusive and elitist and somehow excluded the plebs, because, y’know, the plebs out in the shires are thick. Now the assumption is that everything has to be dumbed down because these people genuinely believe they are the cream of the crop and that everyone is at least as thick as they are.
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Yesterday upon the stair I saw a TV set that wasn’t there

Mustela nivalis

“BBC could get power to access private data”, the Telegraph informs us. In that article, we also find:

“The review also suggests that new legislation could be introduced to prosecute anyone who fails to inform authorities that they don’t have a television.”

What else do I have to inform them of? That I don’t own a Ferrari? A Rolex? A globe with internal day/night lighting? (I had one of those once but it grew legs and moved to some unknown other place.)

I confess that I also don’t have a weasel. That is, I’ve got a stuffed one, but I hope that doesn’t count. Because I haven’t informed the “authorities”.

Sean Feeling Dirty and Disreputable

Sean Gabb

I have just caved into a computer-generated threat letter, and renewed the television licence. That’s £145 handed over to the the main organ of the ideological state apparatus. My money will be used for, among much else, the following:

Salaries for people who would be more honestly employed carrying bags of cement;
Celebrating every attack on our liberty and heritage, and calling out for more of the same;
Systematically corrupting every reasonable standard of taste and decency.

I suspect the Nazi and Soviet propagandists would have been impressed by the scale and sophistication of the BBC lie machine. At the same time, they would have found most of its output artistically repulsive, and would have prevented their own children from being exposed to it.

And I am now a more or less willing accomplice to the crime. My only mitigation is that I waited until the Beeb had been forced to lose some of the money in generating and posting four threats. Oh, and I opted to receive a paper licence, which the website helpfully told me would reduce the amount of money available for making television programmes.

You may heap such abuse on me as you feel justified.

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