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Godfrey Bloom: The Gender Pay Gap

This afternoon, on the Gayle Lofthouse show on BBC Radio Leeds, Godfrey Bloom spoke about the alleged gender pay gap highlighted by a recent report by the Fawcett Society.  If you’d like to listen to his interview, please click on the audio link below:


Godfrey Bloom: Remove the Deficit Now!

With reports in the press that the current UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond, is planning to keep increasing the UK state’s black hole of debt for another eight years, ten years beyond the initial plan, Godfrey Bloom recently spoke on this subject to Duncan Barkes, on BBC Radio London.

In the interview, Mr Bloom outlined a straightforward plan to wipe away the UK state’s deficit spending immediately, given sufficient political backbone from the Chancellor.

If you would like to listen to the interview, please click on the audio link below:

Godfrey Bloom: Are Remainers More Intelligent Than Brexiteers?

This morning, Godfrey Bloom spoke on the Jonathan Vernon-Smith show, on BBC Three Counties, about the recent claim by Labour MP, Barry Sheerman, that Remainers are better educated than Brexiteers.

Mr Bloom is joined in a ‘lively’ fifteen-and-a-half minute discussion by Jerry Hayes, the former Conservative MP.

If you would like to listen to their debate, please click on the audio file link, below:


Godfrey Bloom: Should ‘Black History’ be a national curriculum topic in British State Schools?

Our Honorary President, Godfrey Bloom, last night spoke on the Edward Adoo program, on BBC Three Counties Radio, about whether ‘Black History’ should be taught as part of the UK state’s ‘national curriculum’. Click on the audio link below if you would like to listen:


The Death of Comedy?

Yesterday, Dr Sean Gabb spoke on the Stephen Nolan show, on BBC Radio 5, about a joke made by Michael Gove on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme.

Below, we have excerpted all of Dr Gabb’s comments made in that interview. If you would like to listen to them, please click on the audio file link below.

(The interviewer spent quite some time speaking to another guest,  Shelagh Fogarty, both before and after Dr Gabb’s comments. If you would like to listen to the full interview, please click on this link and go to about 1:56:45.)

Godfrey Bloom: UK Speed Cameras

Godfrey Bloom, the Honorary President of Mises UK, this afternoon spoke on BBC Radio Leeds about UK speed cameras. If you would like to hear his interview with the host, Andrew Edwards, please click on the link below.

There is a two minute introduction by the host. Godfrey Bloom starts speaking at 2:09.

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