Activism in Daily Life: Casting Votes that Count

Activism in Daily Life:
Casting Votes that Count
by Sean Gabb

25th August 2018

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The more raddled and droopy my face grows, the more inclined I am to agree with a proposition put to me by various friends since before I needed to shave. This is that political activism is a waste of time. Oh, writing about politics – analysis, denunciation, a general flying of the ideological flag – that is probably time well-spent. I have always enjoyed it, and may have done no harm to the causes thereby supported. The waste of time is electoral politics and involvement in campaign groups. The first means joining political parties over which we have no control, and that are led by people whose behaviour – and increasingly whose speech – reveals them as our sworn enemies. The second means giving money to people who, with a few percentage wobbles either side, operate on the “Eighty-Twenty Principle.” 80p of every pound you hand over will be spent on whores and cocaine. Whatever remains that is not merely wasted will be spent on getting someone cheap to do the promised work. Continue reading

Godfrey Bloom: Foreign Aid & the NHS

This afternoon, our Honorary President Godfrey Bloom spoke on the Jon Gaunt Radio Show about foreign aid and the NHS. The highlight was his mention of Jean-Baptiste Say. If you would like to listen to this 7-minute interview, please click on the audio link below.

Newsnight and “BBC bias”

By Pete North

The left are getting their knickers in a twist over vacuous Beeboid, Laura Kuenssberg, and “BBC bias”. It is wholly imaginary. What they are noticing is not bias or even bias by omission. What they are noticing is the absence of any kind of sophistication in their political analysis. All you get from the BBC on any given subject is thin gruel dressed up as news.

They have lost the capacity for serious reporting. The industry is run by children for children. Some time ago they decided that stuffy BBC reporters talking about adult things on an adult level was exclusive and elitist and somehow excluded the plebs, because, y’know, the plebs out in the shires are thick. Now the assumption is that everything has to be dumbed down because these people genuinely believe they are the cream of the crop and that everyone is at least as thick as they are.
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My favourite sources of informed comment

By D. J. Webb

I am one of those who does not lament the loss of The Independent as a print newspaper. Theoretically, newspapers are great organs of a lively democracy. In fact, they all chant the same rhetoric. Who would spend money on any of them? In fact, The Guardian too faces financial difficulties and I welcome that. One of the best things about our digital lifestyle is that we have access to many sources of information. Defunding of the BBC would be a very welcome step, and I would even like to see all news taken off the airwaves entirely, leaving people to find their own sources of information online. Continue reading


By Jack Buckby

On February 6th 2016, PEGIDA UK held its inaugural silent march. Despite pouring rain and strong wind, an estimated 400-500 PEGIDA supporters walked silently in protest to the disastrous policy of importing violent criminals, fascists and Islamists into Europe.

Of course, British communists and the international press did everything they could to make the successful event look like a failure. Nick Lowles, communist mouth piece for Hope Not Hate (and compulsive liar) took to Twitter to claim that just 127 marchers attended the demonstration.

2016-02-07 (1)

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“QEen” Zoe Williams is ignorant or dishonest

Mustela nivalis

Zoe Williams is a mainstream (Guardian) journalist and she is either ignorant or dishonest. (Spot the tautology.) She supports a “People’s QE”. About a month ago, even before Jeremy Corbyn was elected as Labour leader, one commentator on the LA blog under the name of “Peter” predicted that exactly this would happen. He said that Corbyn’s ideas will repulse far fewer than his party-political rivals hope – and attract more than they think. The reason being that often his policies are simply a logical extension of whatever crackpot policies they, the Tories and others, are already pursuing!

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A Neomarxist is Crushed

Mustela nivalis

Note: Last week a lengthy article appeared in the Guardian written by a guy called Paul Mason. The title of the piece was “The end of capitalism has begun”. It’s a long drivel and basically a waste of time. But it needs to be refuted, and someone’s got to do it. The reason is that these scribblings, like Thomas Piketty’s recent book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, attempt to frame the debate. Nobody reads them, but that doesn’t matter. A servile and/or collaborating media do the additional framing. And suddenly “everyone” says (or continues saying) how bad capitalism is etc. However, due to alternative media, debate framing is not the easy job it used to be. Piketty has already been taken apart by a few people, including George Reisman. Now, expert dissector Gary North has literally ripped apart Paul Mason – and then trampled on the pieces. Like Piketty, Mason has either never heard of Ludwig von Mises and his revolutionary 1920 article “Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth”, which proves that socialism in all its forms will not work. Or he chooses to ignore the great Austrian. In the era of the internet, these authors are wasting their time. Mason is whistling past the graveyard, in the dark, and promptly falls into a pit. M.n.

Anyway, here’s North’s article – enjoy:

Paul Mason: The Latest Pied Piper of “the Death of Capitalism”