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Death of an Empire?

By Andy Duncan

Ok, Hollywood, Schmollywood. Harvey Weinstein, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, the land of the sexually depraved. Whatever you say about Hollywood, whether it’s the font of the social justice warriors, the crucible of the champagne-drinking socialists, or the very territory of Lucifer himself (as portrayed in the wonderful Hollywood series, ‘Lucifer’), it knows how to make money.

And in our Hoppeian city-state wonderland of the future, the ability to make money will still figure.

And Hollywood knows how to make money.

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NATO and the New World Order

Sean Gabb. A historian, writer, Director of The Libertarian Alliance

In 1815, at the end of the wars connected with the French Revolution, the conservative powers of Europe (Austria, Russia, Royalist France, and so forth) created the Holy Alliance. The purpose of this was to commit all its members to the suppression of liberal ideas wherever in any one member state they might take hold. Read more

How The Cult of The Kid Is Making America Not Great

By ilana mercer

There were likely no kids on board EgyptAir Flight 804 that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, on May 19. Had there been kids on board, we’d be hearing about it a LOT.

Of the 224 people on board the Russian metro jet airbus—it crashed in March—17 were children. I know this because each time TV anchors reported about the plane that went down in the Sinai desert, near El Arish (once way safer because under Israeli control); they counted the kids. Read more

Breaking News: The Libertarian Party is Even More Irrelevant Than Ever

By Karen De Coster

I couldn’t stop laughing.

Famous computer programmer and businessman John McAfee is one of the top three contenders for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, but one of his greatest weaknesses within the party is a lack of connections within the movement itself.

He may have just solved that problem by asking libertarian photographer and entrepreneur Judd Weiss to be his vice presidential running mate.

McAfee has selected a Belair playboy from the Narcissim.Me, anti-brutalist sphere who follows celebritarians around, snapping photos, to “make libertarianism cool” and “make nerds look cooler.” He calls himself “the guy who single handedly hijacked the image and brand of the liberty scene” by photographing “unfolding legends.” Read more

My favourite sources of informed comment

By D. J. Webb

I am one of those who does not lament the loss of The Independent as a print newspaper. Theoretically, newspapers are great organs of a lively democracy. In fact, they all chant the same rhetoric. Who would spend money on any of them? In fact, The Guardian too faces financial difficulties and I welcome that. One of the best things about our digital lifestyle is that we have access to many sources of information. Defunding of the BBC would be a very welcome step, and I would even like to see all news taken off the airwaves entirely, leaving people to find their own sources of information online. Read more

A Halloween Horror Story In The American People’s House

Ilana Mercer on how vampiric Republican regimists and their zombie media work against an insurgency

Washington is moving aggressively to inoculate itself against The Insurgents. By the looks of it, there will be no Republican insurgency.

The series of political eruptions begun when Donald Trump appeared on the scene is losing momentum. Read more

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