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Fin Tales Ep 001: Keir Martland – Bank of England Genesis


NATO and the New World Order

Sean Gabb. A historian, writer, Director of The Libertarian Alliance

In 1815, at the end of the wars connected with the French Revolution, the conservative powers of Europe (Austria, Russia, Royalist France, and so forth) created the Holy Alliance. The purpose of this was to commit all its members to the suppression of liberal ideas wherever in any one member state they might take hold. Read more

The Brexit Referendum and Its Background with Keir Martland

Episode Summary

Keir Martland joins Adam Camac to discuss the Brexit referendum, its background, the campaign leading up to the referendum, and the arguments made for and against the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

About the Guest

Mr. Martland is the director of publications at The Libertarian Alliance and the host of the Free Life Podcast. He is the author of Liberty from a Beginner: Selected Essays. Read more

Andy Duncan – Europe: In or Out? (Legalise-Freedom.Com)


Andy Duncan discusses the forthcoming EU Referendum and related issues (over at Legalise-Freedom.Com with Greg Moffitt).

On Thursday, June 23, 2016, citizens of the United Kingdom will vote on whether or not to remain part of the European Union. The United Kingdom’s membership of the EU was achieved in several discreet although ultimately orchestrated stages. Since the formation of the European Economic Community in 1958 which later morphed into the European Union itself in 1993, the entire scheme has seen ever deepening integration and interdependence between an increasing number of member countries, with the UK itself joining in 1973. Its restlessly expansive aims and ambitions were divisive then and they remain so today, arguably more than ever. Read more

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