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Paris atrocities: can anything good come out of this?

Mustela nivalis

First, I was overcome by negative emotions. Then I remembered that my theology informs me that in the end, the Good will win. Therefore, even in the darkest hours there is some light. One only has to look for it. OK, some may think that’s naive. For me, it’s a survival strategy. But I also think I’m right.

Now, what could be the good thing coming out of the carnage in Paris? Two things: a) People waking up to the fact that the state is crumbling, and b)  freedom of speech is on the agenda, proclaimed by the unlikeliest of contemporaries. Both of these points are valid irrespective of whether this was blowback or a false flag. I won’t speculate on the origins. We may never know. What we can influence in the meantime is how we react to the event independent of what the cause was. And there is some reason for hope.

First point: The Charlie Hebdo editors relied on the state to protect them. I think one of them had a bodyguard. I don’t know who paid for him. Other than that, there was at least one policeman guarding the building. And he got shot as well. Even though he was called Ahmed, but that’s beside the point. The point is he was taxpayer funded. I’ve heard that France’s gun laws are much more liberal than in current Britain. However and whatever, Read more

Saturday Night is Joke Night

By David Davis

(I’ll only front-page this for a few hours, honest, for I want to make people laugh a bit sometimes and cheer you all up, even if we’re all wearing sackcloth and ashes over the state of our country.)

I discussed with a good and old Catholic friend and some others, a little time ago, the concept of God. Various of us together consumed much wine and then port later, and we argued and got onto theology, as one does as a scientist arguing with his old mates who were literary and theological gents. I have always been the only scientist in our little company. We even argued about “whether God suffers Pain and Hurt”: we all fairly quickly decided that He Does, but we came to that conclusion from different angles. But then , we wondered what are “Any Three Things that God Doesn’t Know”.

We came to an agreement that…

(1) God probably doesn’t know how many orders of Nuns there are.

(2) He even possibly doesn’t know exactly how much money the Franciscans have. (We were not exactly certain of that one.)

(3) BUT for sure, He really really doesn’t know exactly _What Any Jesuit Is Really Thinking_ .


Iain Duncan Smith: Stupid

Libertarian Alliance News Release
Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb
07956 472 199
Tuesday the 30th Sepember 2014
Immediate release

Drink and Fags and the Unemployed:
Never Underestimate the Stupidity of Iain Duncan Smith

Conservative Minister Iain Duncan Smith has promised his party conference that welfare claimants will be paid with smart cards that will prevent them from buying alcohol and cigarettes, among much else.

Speaking today in London, Dr Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, comments on this proposal:

I won’t ask if Mr Duncan Smith is stupid. After ten years of watching him in action, that verdict is well and truly in. What matters more is how stupid he thinks we are. His proposal is insultingly worthless to achieve his stated end.

Make his proposal law, and, if If I’m on the jobseekers, and I want a drink or a smoke, all I’ll have to do is buy half a dozen chicken legs for a friend, who will then buy me a bottle of own brand gin or a packet of twenty.

Also, how are shopkeepers to know who’s on benefits unless we’re all kitted out with ID cards that will let anyone and everyone know our employment status?

Or, if the unemployed are to be paid by giving them some kind of charge card, it will simply be another step towards the abolition of cash transactions.

Another point worth making is that being out of work or generally poor and on benefits is no fun. It’s plain sadism to try blocking those on benefits from drowning their sorrows.

By all means, cut down on systematic fraud by largely foreign gangs and by those working inside the welfare system. Also, make it easier for people to get off welfare – by cutting taxes on low pay and cutting regulations on micro-businesses. But leave the genuinely helpless to enjoy the few pleasures that are still not illegal.

Note: in the financial year 2012-13, Iain Duncan Smith collected from the taxpayers a total of £134,565 in salary alone. In return for this, he supported a government that has done nothing to reduce the deficit, or cut taxes, or roll back the Thatcher-Major-Blair-Brown police state, and that continues to launch and fight unwinnable wars that, even otherwise, would not be in the national interest, and that spends about £50 billion of the taxpayers’ money on the European Union and foreign aid and the global warming scam. He also has the right to benefit from from subsidised round the clock drinking in the Palace of

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