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After the Referendum: Sorting through the Rubble

After the Referendum: Sorting through the Rubble
By Sean Gabb
(2nd July 2016)

What more to say about the past eight days? They began with a referendum vote that sent a shock across the world. They have now settled into something like business as usual. The shape of the British Constitution will be determined by the internal politics of the Conservative Party. Here, then, are some thoughts on how things might proceed between now and Christmas. Read more


What happens after the EU referendum?

What happens after the EU referendum?
Keir Martland
(4th June 2016)

During the May 2015 General Election, David Cameron hinted that he would stand down during this Parliament, “Terms are like shredded wheat; two is fine, three might just be too many.” This means that at some point before 2020, Britain will have a new Prime Minister.

For foreigners reading this, Britain does not have a presidential system of government. Instead, we have Cabinet or Parliamentary government, meaning we elect representatives to the legislature, from whom a government is then formed. Therefore, if our Prime Minister resigns or dies, this does not trigger a General Election. Read more

Against Porn site age verification laws

Note: This article is a few years old, but is relevant to the promise in the Queen’s Speech to enforce age verification. This is another of those things that keep me wobbling on our membership of the European Union. Do we really want to be locked into an open-air lunatic asylum, run by the usual suspects? Without thinking highly of their general qualities, the kind of people who run the European Union are not demented puritans. SIG

Protecting Children, Enslaving Adults: 
Latest Case Study
By Sean Gabb

I have just heard about the existence of the Authority for Television On Demand (Atvod). This is yet another of those “independent” bodies that exercise powers of compulsion delegated by the British State. Its powers derive from the Communications Act 2003, and allow it to regulate the market in streaming video. Its latest act has been to announce that large numbers of children – which it seems to define as persons under the age of eighteen – are watching pornographic videos on the Internet. To deal with this alleged problem, it wants a law to stop British banks from handling payments to any pornographic video site, anywhere in the world, that does not check the age of all its visitors. Read more

Father wins landmark case about children’s absence from school during term

David Davis

I saw this just now.

I’ll tell you a story.

The attached picture, if it looks like two little attentive girls, is misleading. The father described won his case. That is the first thing to say.
That said….the discussion of what to do about bringing up one’s own children as a nuclear family – the enemy of GramscoFabiaNazis, SJWs and NWOperatroids, centres on what is best for one’s own children. Attendance in British-State-bog-standard-comprehensives (not my words but theirs) is not so wonderfully-orgasmic for learning, as our little fella will tell you freely, that one ought even to bust a gut to try to go every day.

Read more

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