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Whiffing: this is a guy who is taking the piss. Die for the children, and do it now or else..

I was about to transmit a Libertarian Alliance Easter Message 2009. But this stuff really, really pissed me off. Sorry. Maybe it will come later, or maybe you’ll all just have lost out this time, because of “David Edwards”, described as a “Harvard Professor”. (His problem is that his institution is a bit, well, post-Rennaissance…)

David Davis

Now then, look here…..sonny. When you need to eat chocolate, you need to  __EAT__  it. All right then? Not just “smell” it, you scumbag lefty rationing bastard: you bite it, chrunch it, chew it. Look, you bugger: poor-people pay for people like you to have what you think is a job. So do something more useful, like getting all us humans to Mars in time for the polar bears to die on camers for Al Gore. Even including lifting all the poor people, whom you despise and don’t really like very much ‘coz they don’t drive Bentleys, OK?

The “no calories” scam is a dead-giveaway: “no calories” means no food. They don’t want us to have food, and I think we ought to begin to ask why.

Better you go and break stones with a mallet all day, in the Chinese Highlands or somewhere where they are building a power station or 512.

THIS device here….


Real Chocolate to be rationed, except for the Enemy Class and their children

Real Chocolate to be rationed, except for the Enemy Class and their children













… one of the harbingers of FOOD RATIONING. Soon.

Just regard, for a moment, savour, and regard this ineffably-insufferable neo-Stalinist twaddle:-

Invented by Harvard professor David Edwards, Le Whif comes in four different flavours: raspberry, mint, mango and plain.

He worked with his students at Harvard University to develop the product and said he was inspired by thinking beyond normal ways of eating food and into the future.

He said: “Over the centuries we’ve been eating smaller and smaller quantities at shorter and shorter intervals.

“It seemed to us that eating was tending toward breathing, so, with a mix of culinary art and aerosol science, we’ve helped move eating habits to their logical conclusion.

“We call it whiffing.”

I call it dying, of starvation, personally. But there’s no accounting for tastes. Perhaps “Harvard Professor David Edwards” – “call me Dave-the-Death” – loves death, as indeed many, many representatives of certain meme-blocks of young hominid males say now that they do.

God help us if this is not an early April Fool wind-up

David Davis

This madman plans to fire trillions of mirrors into space, to “stop global warming. I really do begin to believe that some of these mountebanks are starting to believe their own witchcraft.

Read the whole thing: it’s eitherw ritten by an imaginative but scientifically-illiterate hobbledy-hoy, or else by some very evil and wicked men.

People who haven’t built a gun before ought not to be allowed anywhere near where extra-powerful ones are to be constructed.

Very bad NASA satellite launch failure…..why?

…because we will not now get the truth in time.

David Davis

The global-climate-change-Gramsco-MarxiaNazi-buggers, and their   _very_   close friends who are the starvation-driving-mass-people-slaughterers, will not now be faced with the evidence – which is that Man is   _not_   causing “global warming”. Thye have cleverly scuppered the satellite – and can simultaneously discredit what ordinary people call “rocket-science”….so that it’s for them a “one-stone-solution to a two-bird problem”.

As regards rocket-science, they will be able to sya how inept we all are, and should stay here and subsistence-farm with chicken manure and stuff.

As regards “global warming”, they will be able to say that “the Science” is “still settled”, for there is still “no” evidence for their hypothesis being proved not to be true.


Simple really.

You just do the insurance-equivalent of setting your car on fire, to claim the dosh and pretend it was all right anyway.

“Fast-food for poor-people day” at the Libertarian Alliance: I hope this fella got really rich.

David Davis

The Doner Kebab King (someone we’d have once called a “Turkish Guest Worker”) is dead. Long live the Doner Kebab. Can’t think what I’d have dome sometimes late at night in London, without it. I was young and rich then, and “went out”.

Fun on Tuesday morning – and what’s a “Heston Blumenthal”, pray tell?

David Davis

Spotted at the Woman In Black, quite by accident. I can’t quite get this late-90s/early-Noughties manic obsession with celebrity chefs, who seem to spend all their time prancing about and swearing, inside the Wireless Tele-Vision apparatus, and who also want to go about spoiling the eating-fun of poorer people than themselves. I’m sure there’s a good libertarian reason for this guy* wanting to upset customers of “little Chef”, but I can’t right now see what it is – however clever with grub he may be. Sorry.

But I hope they do well: if you’re in the middle of nowhere, like in Wales, and Wales is closed (often the case, try buying a burger when you are at Wales early on a Saturday morning, like 9 am) then a Little Chef can at least save you from dying of malnutrition.

*I guess he must be good though…as a generally safe rule, bad cooks don’t get famous.

Is this true?

David Davis

From The Remittance Man we learn this: householders will be visited by bureaucrats dispensing advice (here’s the original source) about cooking with leftovers…..

Sometimes we here, on whichever of the duty-typwriting squadrons is on “watch”, are tempted to emulate the language of Obnoxio The Clown, or the Devil himself. (He’s uncovered a previously unstudied State-Bogus-Charity in that one…Obnoxio’s latest just refers to some bureucrat or other as a c*** . )

But this is a family blog, so, apart from saying shit and crap which is rather weak playground stuff now, we only go so far as to merely write f*** (sometimes even c*** these days.) And also we only show pictures of Keeley Hazell wearing bras (until we get bored with her and we go and get someone else. Possibly Lucy Pinder – anybody got any preferences? See poll below. If in doubt, go here and select someone else.)

To get back to the point, the government is bust, the main world’s private banks have feverishly bought themselves into virtual bankruptcy by queuing for 15 years to buy each others “securitised” pigs-in-pokes, Gordon Brown is printing money….and then they all go and spend it on what? Food-police. Here’s an exerpt:-

Home cooks will also be told what size portions to prepare, taught to understand “best before” dates and urged to make more use of their freezers.

The door-to-door campaign, which starts tomorrow, will be funded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), a Government agency charged with reducing household waste.

The officials will be called “food champions”. However, they were dismissed last night as “food police” by critics who called the scheme an example of “excessive government nannying”.

WE MUST ALSO BEAR IN MIND THAT THIS IS ! “ALL ABOUT PROPERTY RIGHTS” !  People who have purchased food are entitled to dispose of it how it pleases them. The bought food DOES NOT become State Property: it belongs to the householder.

No bureaucrats yet come round to tell you not to throw a brick at your Wireless Tele Vision, thus rendering it at least partially if not fully unserviceable, whenever Jonathan Ross come on screen: why should they come and tell you what to do with food whiche displeases you?

It’s all very sad: it’s as if the poor government buggers just can’t kick the gravy-train (sorry) habit, even when there’s really no money, as opposed to just the appearance of no money.

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