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Das Boot: Rebooted

By Andy Duncan, Vice-Chairman of Mises UK

Review of the New ‘Das Boot’ TV Series, Episode 1, ‘Neue Wege’:

[Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.]

If Karl Marx knew what he was doing, when he unleashed the twentieth century upon us from his venomous seat in the British Library, an avowed century of socialism and mass death, then he truly existed as both a servant of the Devil and as a master of evil.

Unfortunately, we will never know. But what we do know, is that he gave us both international socialism in Russia and national socialism in Germany.

This truth reflected itself perfectly in the original movie, ‘Das Boot’, in which the fabulous Jürgen Prochnow gave us the definitive performance of his and many other lifetimes, as a man torn between duty, honour, and purity, combined with annihilative destruction, a cornucopia of depth charge bombs, and ultimately his own death.

So what to make of this new television sequel to the original 1981 movie?

Well, first of all it proved an absolute relief that despite being financed by Sky television, they shot it in a mixture of mostly German, some French, and a little English.

If they’d shot it entirely in English, it would have immediately plasticised it inside a sheath of ersatz Hollwoodisation, and I might have turned it off immediately. I’m far from claiming to be a fluent German speaker, but to pick up the odd word, the odd phrase, or even the odd part where I could feel whole sentences and whole interactions as if I was actually German – not even actually translating into English – was subliminally excellent.


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The Archers: an everyday story of feminist folk (Robert Henderson)

Robert Henderson

[Note: I suppose someone has to listen to this stuff put out at the licence payers’ expense, and comment on its awfulness. I’m glad it doesn’t have to be me. SIG]

The Archers is the world’s longest running radio soap opera, having run continuously from 1951 to the present day. It is set in Ambridge, a fictional farming village in the English midlands . In the real world such a place would even these days be very white, very English and decidedly traditional in its ways. For most of the Archers’ existence the fiction generally corresponded with the reality, but two decades or so ago things changed when the producer and scriptwriters of the series decided that the programme should pay homage to the three gods of political correctness: race, gay rights and feminism. Consequently, Ambridge has had visited upon it sundry black and Asian characters, a raft of gays, a female engineer, a female vicar, a white English vicar married to a Hindu and a steady flow of politically correct storylines . Read more

L. Neil Smith Reviews “Midsomer Murders”

By L. Neil Smith <mailtolneil
Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Note: I rejoice at Neil’s recovery from what I feared was a terminal illness. That he is up and about again, and writing, shows what the human spirit can do – supported by the wonders of modern medicine. Now to Neil’s question. I enjoy denouncing our police as Pigs in Blue, and my occasional reading of the newspapers always manages to take in some act of grossness by them. On the other hand, my dealings with the Kent Constabulary have been disappointingly polite. The only time I have had a police officer in my house was when a neighbour’s window was smashed in the night. The officer accepted a cup of tea and took notes while I gave what evidence I could. My last dealing with a policeman was when he caught me at 3am doing 90mph on the M2. He explained the effects of a crash at that speed and sent me on my way. Outside the big cities, large areas of this country are still recognisably England, and I am glad that Neil has forced this to my attention. SIG Read more

Some people might be wondering and trembling in their boots

David Davis

Lately, this bolg has been talking about things such as “The British Empire”, “England”, and “nations” and who owns which one, and whether such a thing was “good” or not. The British Empire was simply an accidental vehicle, and perhaps arguably not the optimal one (but merely the noe that was there at the time) for transmitting to All People the hardly-learned (and it was quite hard sometimes) lessons about “How To Live”.

For the avoidance of doubt, I just wanted to say a couple of things which might help to calm people.

Firstly, the Libertarian Alliance is committed to following the Letter Of The Law regarding equality, diversity and vibrantness in Vibrantly-Mutliculturalist New Britain, a Young Country. This country is Vibrant. We speak the truth here. You are all vibrant now, whether it pleases you or not. In the interests of full vibrancy, those of you who have nowt to hide have nowt to fear.

Secondly, when it comes to matters of right of course, we have to decide to decide to say what we think is right. This doesn’t mean that we here vibrate at the wrong wavelength. We do indeed vibrate; really, honestly we do. But our vibrations might be potentially mis-quotable by the quotationably-strategic-focussing-and-quotating-people. But don’t worry, for even when we are wrong, we are right. Read more

Kick Anti-Racism out of Football!

D J Webb

I’m personally sick of football being used to promote the politics of racial and national dispossession.

Football fans should not be subject to political propaganda of any type. There should be no link between attending a football match and espousing right-on views on racial relations.

UEFA and any other football association should have no policies on race and racism, and no footballer should be investigated by kangaroo courts held to establish his political views.

I should add that I regard football as a low-brow interest, and I’m not a supporter of any team, and I know nothing about the off-side rule. My only focus in this article is on the _politicisation of football_. Read more

Yesterday upon the stair I saw a TV set that wasn’t there

Mustela nivalis

“BBC could get power to access private data”, the Telegraph informs us. In that article, we also find:

“The review also suggests that new legislation could be introduced to prosecute anyone who fails to inform authorities that they don’t have a television.”

What else do I have to inform them of? That I don’t own a Ferrari? A Rolex? A globe with internal day/night lighting? (I had one of those once but it grew legs and moved to some unknown other place.)

I confess that I also don’t have a weasel. That is, I’ve got a stuffed one, but I hope that doesn’t count. Because I haven’t informed the “authorities”.

Brian Williams: Member Of Media Circle Jerk

Ilana Mercer

Facts are a journalist’s stock-in-trade. He cannot be cavalier about the truth. Nevertheless, Brian Williams, the suspended iconic managing editor and anchor of NBC Nightly News, embellished liberally about events he covered in the course of a limelight-seeking career.

As it transpires, Williams’ helicopter did not come under enemy fire in Iraq, in the early days of the war. Nor did his Ritz-Carlton hotel take on water during Hurricane Katrina, in 2005. The body he “witnessed” floating by that establishment would have had to be floating in a few inches of rain, the precipitation in the French Quarter. Neither did gangs “overrun” the Ritz-Carlton, nor dysentery afflict its guest, despite the story the intrepid Williams disgorged to the contrary. Read more

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