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A Halloween Horror Story In The American People’s House

Ilana Mercer on how vampiric Republican regimists and their zombie media work against an insurgency

Washington is moving aggressively to inoculate itself against The Insurgents. By the looks of it, there will be no Republican insurgency.

The series of political eruptions begun when Donald Trump appeared on the scene is losing momentum. Read more


Magna Carta, the Glorious Revolution, the Reform Acts: will we never learn?

Keir Martland

Libertarians, contrary to popular belief, are not Whigs. If we were to take a time-machine trip to the 1640s, we would not be fighting on the side of parliament. In 1688, we would not be cheering on the Bloodless Revolution.

Whiggism is false; it is not true. There is no simpler and more accurate way of putting it.

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Some people might be wondering and trembling in their boots

David Davis

Lately, this bolg has been talking about things such as “The British Empire”, “England”, and “nations” and who owns which one, and whether such a thing was “good” or not. The British Empire was simply an accidental vehicle, and perhaps arguably not the optimal one (but merely the noe that was there at the time) for transmitting to All People the hardly-learned (and it was quite hard sometimes) lessons about “How To Live”.

For the avoidance of doubt, I just wanted to say a couple of things which might help to calm people.

Firstly, the Libertarian Alliance is committed to following the Letter Of The Law regarding equality, diversity and vibrantness in Vibrantly-Mutliculturalist New Britain, a Young Country. This country is Vibrant. We speak the truth here. You are all vibrant now, whether it pleases you or not. In the interests of full vibrancy, those of you who have nowt to hide have nowt to fear.

Secondly, when it comes to matters of right of course, we have to decide to decide to say what we think is right. This doesn’t mean that we here vibrate at the wrong wavelength. We do indeed vibrate; really, honestly we do. But our vibrations might be potentially mis-quotable by the quotationably-strategic-focussing-and-quotating-people. But don’t worry, for even when we are wrong, we are right. Read more

1776: A Christian Libertarian Perspective

by Libertarian Kid

1776: A Christian Libertarian Perspective

America’s Independence Day is coming, and I would like to focus on the event that launched our founding: the American Revolution of 1776. It was on the Fourth of July that Thomas Jefferson’s magisterial Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress. That document lit the fires of revolution in the hearts of Americans, and that was the day that the War for Independence started. That was the day that the freedom of America from the British Empire was won. What would the libertarian and Christian positions be on this groundbreaking event? This post is meant to analyze the correct viewpoint toward the American Revolution. Short Answer: I am in support of it, and I think it was justified. Read more