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Are Liberals Turned-On By Turning The Other (Gluteus Maximus) Cheek?

By ilana mercer

A Norwegian male was raped by a Somali asylum seeker. The last term—Somali asylum seeker—is something of a contradiction like the first (Norwegian man). The asylum-seeker honorific is given to practically anyone from the Dark Continent or the Middle-East who washes up on Continental Europe’s shores.

The politician, Karsten Nordal Hauken, who says he’s heterosexual, went public with the details of his awful ordeal. “I was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker,” he wrote in a Norwegian newspaper. “My life fell into ruin.”

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Ronald Olden

The UK is to pardon nearly 50.000 Gay men convicted under the old homophobic laws.

If the victims of this law are already dead, these pardons are of no value whatsoever to the individuals concerned or to their living families. And, there are issues of principle associated with it. The individuals concerned broke the law as it was at the time, and we are all supposed to obey the law. Read more

Sean Gabb in The Daily Telegraph

Fancy that – I’m in The Daily Telecrap! My opinion is quoted on that man who hasn’t been convicted of any crime, but who is required to tell the police 24 hours in advance whenever he proposes to have sex with someone.
I don’t recall having been asked for my opinion, except last year by the Beeb. Mind you, it’s only what I would have said if the reporters had taken the trouble to do the job for which they are paid.

Report on the meeting of Stephen Lovatt and David Goodrum with the RC bishop of Northampton

Stephen Lovatt

While we were waiting to meet the bishop I read a short article in the Tablet magazine written by a young catholic woman who – in summary – argued that the path that the Catholic Church had taken from the 1960’s onwards was profoundly mistaken and that it was imperative that the Church returned to its authentic tradition, and that this is what a large proportion of those young people who had persevered in the Catholic faith (in spite of all the terrible liturgy and catechesis that demotivated them from doing so) wanted. I strongly empathised with this message, but was sad (though not surprised) to read that the only issues which this young women could identify as “worth while” in “traditional Catholicism” were what I would regard as reactionary and fundamentally unChristian attitudes towards sex, gender roles, love, procreation and marriage. Read more

Trans-gressing natural boundaries?

D.J. Webb

Sexuality and sexual identity ought to be both uncontroversial and private. Yet extremist campaigns on the subject of “transgender identity” are increasingly making the news in a way that is disorienting. The real numbers of “transgender” individuals are very low, and so to that extent it is really a non-issue: possibly more significant to those who value a free society is the harpy-like screeching that accompanies this discussion. “How dare you say that?” scream the Twitter brigade, in a universally applicable cry of denunciation that I wearied of some time ago. Read more

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