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Are Liberals Turned-On By Turning The Other (Gluteus Maximus) Cheek?

By ilana mercer

A Norwegian male was raped by a Somali asylum seeker. The last term—Somali asylum seeker—is something of a contradiction like the first (Norwegian man). The asylum-seeker honorific is given to practically anyone from the Dark Continent or the Middle-East who washes up on Continental Europe’s shores.

The politician, Karsten Nordal Hauken, who says he’s heterosexual, went public with the details of his awful ordeal. “I was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker,” he wrote in a Norwegian newspaper. “My life fell into ruin.”

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A Word on the Cliff Richard Case

A Word on the Cliff Richard Case
James Norwood

I see that the popular singer Cliff Richard has been told by the police there will be no further investigation into the claims made against him of sexual abuse of boys. Since this is an issue that invites misunderstanding and even smears, I will, for the avoidance of doubt, say that people who commit sexual assaults on persons under the age of consent should be punished, and the severity of punishment should be related to the victim’s age. This being said, Mr Richard has been accused of “historic sex abuse,” and this should be seen as different from ordinary cases of abuse. Read more

Heroism Or Hedonism?

Ilana Mercer

“True bravery is shown by performing without witness what one might be capable of doing before all the world,” said a wise man named La Rochefoucauld, centuries ago. That man’s definition excludes most of America’s contemporary heroes.

La Rochefoucauld’s understanding of courage certainly rules out most black community leaders. In Baltimore, a city devastated by anti-police, race rioters, these “leaders” made sure they were seen calling for calm following the orgy of destruction. Away from the cameras, their lives have been given over to causing chaos by preaching racial grievance against white America.

The same imperative of privacy and consistency precludes Bruce Jenner.

The famous Olympian athlete turned TV personality has come out very publicly as a transsexual, who is in the process of transitioning to full womanhood; Jenner already has the psyche of a woman. For providing 17 million ABC viewers with a glimpse into his very real inner struggle with sexual identity, Jenner has been hailed as an American hero.

Coming out simultaneously as a Republican and a Christian failed to dampen the admiration with which the oppressed patriarch of the Kardashian clan was greeted—Jenner has been embroiled in a vulgar reality show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashian,” on which he is generally belittled and berated. Read more

The ‘We Need To Have A Conversation’ Malarkey

Ilana Mercer

You know just how scholarly a policy paper is when it is studded with a clichéd expression like “we need to have a conversation about …” The pop-phrase is familiar from these farcical usages:

“We need to have a conversation about race”—when, in reality, we do nothing but subject ourselves to a one-way browbeating about imagined slights committed against the pigmentally burdened. Read more

Libertarianism, Natural Order, Property and Law

David Davis (the text comprises comments by Ian B lifted from thread on this line.)

I think the visual presentation needs a bit of work… (Ian was referring to the first LA “Question Time” here.)

Just as I am listening, I have paused the playback to type this, we start with John Kersey offering that libertarianism and conservatism are not ideologies, but socialism is. Instead he offers that the first two in some way reflect a natural order. I find this problematic.

Everyone tends to think, or likes to think, that their own preferences and beliefs are natural ones; just “plain common sense”. Socialists believe this too, as do progressives. The natural feeling is that when confronted with something else, that the other thing is artificial, a corruption, distortion or perversion (or just plain barmy) so that in promoting one’s own values one is not simply another competitor, but rather one is “revealing the truth” or “revealing that which lies beneath”- i.e. the natural order.

For instance, many socialists- going back to old beardies like Keir Hardie- have opined not unreasonably that property ownership is an invention and not part of the natural order. They too see (and saw) their socialist project as returning man to a more natural state- perhaps most overtly today we see this with the Green Left – stripping away the artifice of modernity.

I really don’t think this will do. The basic human “evolved” lifestyle is to live in a small tribal band, have a collective territory and a few scraps of personal property; resolve disputes by direct and frequently fatal violence; marry most girls to the tribe’s alpha males right after puberty; consider anyone outside the tribe to be not Read more

This all looks very nice…but…

David Davis

It says over at the Daily Telegraph that 1.5 million people have “marched for unity” in Paris, accompanied by “world leaders”. This gives the drones warm wet feelings between their legs of course, as is intended.

In about a week, the shooting-up of an ordinary (if left-wing) newspaper’s offices will have been forgotten, and “world leaders” will be able to resume the chip-by-chip chipping-away of liberty and freedom of expression for those people and groups in our civilisation that are not currently favoured and petted for vote-farming.

“Ordinary people” like those in the rallies, and their “leaders”, have to either shit or get off the pot. Either this keeps on happening (and it will) and these ralliers keep on rallying and saying “We Are All Americans Now” (like the day after 9/11) and then _do something positive_, or not. (Just like they didn’t then, and won’t now.)

One particularly interesting thing I noticed was what Boris Johnson, the elected mayor of Read more

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