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Godfrey Bloom: Led Zeppelin & The Universal Winter Fuel Allowance

Our Honorary President Godfrey Bloom discusses the contention from Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant that some of the UK’s state pensioners should not be receiving a ‘winter fuel allowance’. This interview took place this morning on the JVS show on BBC Radio Three Counties. If you’d like to listen to Mr Bloom’s thoughts, please click on the audio link below:



Godfrey Bloom: Remove the Deficit Now!

With reports in the press that the current UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond, is planning to keep increasing the UK state’s black hole of debt for another eight years, ten years beyond the initial plan, Godfrey Bloom recently spoke on this subject to Duncan Barkes, on BBC Radio London.

In the interview, Mr Bloom outlined a straightforward plan to wipe away the UK state’s deficit spending immediately, given sufficient political backbone from the Chancellor.

If you would like to listen to the interview, please click on the audio link below:

The Conservative Party and the BNP

“Wait for Us to Fail, Then Vote BNP!”
The Conservative Hidden Agenda?
By Sean Gabb
(28th April 2010)

Additional Comment, 13th August 2017: I have just found this while tidying up some of the older posts on my website. Except I assure you the conversation took place, and took place more or less as I describe it, the account is as bizarre and unlikely as anything I have written. I was unable to explain its meaning in my first comment, made a week before the 2010 General Election. More than a decade later, I am still scratching my head. Read more

What connects the Grenfell Tower fire and the National Trust ‘rainbow row’?

By Ronald Olden

Demanding that we all be held accountable for our own actions, and that we perform duties we have agreed to accept, is at the heart of libertarianism. That, however, is one reason why ‘liberty’ is such an anathema to most ‘socialists’.

All ‘libertarians’, for example, should stand 100% behind ‘gay rights’. But ‘gay rights’ don’t exist in isolation; ‘gay rights’ are ‘human rights’ and we must, as long they are not interfering with the similar rights of someone else, maintain the rights of anyone to do, and be, whatever they like. When they start meddling with the rights of someone else, they need to be held to strict account. Read more

Letter from England 1: Setting the Scene

Sean Gabb

I have been asked to write a weekly column on British politics. Since I am writing for a largely American readership, and since Americans mostly know little of what happens outside their own country, and since American politics are presently in themselves of consuming interest, I think it would be best if I were to begin with a brief overview not only of what is happening here, but also of what has been happening. Read more

2024: A Prophetic Text by Robert Durward

Robert Durward


To join me on this journey, imagine if you will that this book was written and published in 2024. It owes much to futuristic fiction, both utopian and dystopian, but it is not a novel. There are no imagined characters, no dialogue, no focussing on the affairs of any one person or group of persons. Nor is it a formal history, stuffed with references and footnotes. There is no focus on the details of policy, no costing of alternatives, no effort to deal with objections. Rather, we look back together at crises of the past and use their lessons to transit to a new order for the future.

I hope you will gain much from this book. I do not expect you to agree with all that you find. Perhaps you do not share my view of the world. Perhaps, even if you agree that my view of what will happen, you will find what I regard as a future world on the edge of utopia as a world on the edge of nightmare. More likely, you will simply disagree with my opinion of where things are heading and how they can be overcome. If this is the case, you will find me in partial agreement with you. Read more

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