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Ian B on the Bases of Scottish Separatism

We’re Libertarians, and we do a lot of economics, so let’s do some economic thinking.

People tend to look on this current unhappiness that is fuelling division as a matter of ethnicity or nations. We talk of Celts and English; the “Celtic Fringe” and so on. But here’s a more simple definition of what appear to be the “two parties” in the argument: Highlands and Lowlands. Here is a topographic map of Britain- Read more

The Scottish referendum and the accidental emergence of the English voice (Robert Henderson)

The Scottish referendum and the accidental emergence of the English voice
by Robert Henderson

The outcome of the Scottish independence referendum has resulted in the breaking of a particularly effective omerta within the British political classes, namely, that there should be no acknowledgement of the wilful damage done to English interests by the devolution settlement of the late 1990s which has excluded her from having a national political voice while Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were given such a voice and ever increasing devolved powers.
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Sean Gabb on Scottish Independence, The EU and The Future of The UK

Greening Out Interviews #11 – Sean Gabb on Scottish Independence, The EU and The Future of The UK
Posted 20/09/14

Listen here

Dr Sean Gabb is a writer and broadcaster and academic. He is the author of twenty books, which include ten novels and three volumes of poetry. He has been commercially translated into Italian, Spanish, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian and Chinese.  Read more

How Scotland voted NO

How Scotland said no Robert Henderson

Great is the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the independence side as they try to come to terms with rejection in the Scottish referendum. The Scots National Party (SNP) politicians and much of the mainstream media are trying to portray this as a great result because 1.6 million voted to leave the UK, with many of this motley crew claiming that the result gave the independence supporting politicians a mandate to bargain for greater devolved powers. But try as they may there is no disguising that a 55% to 45% result is a thumping win for the Unionist side in a two horse race.
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The Scottish Referendum: A Win for England

The Scottish Referendum: A Win for England
by Sean Gabb

Last week, in Bodrum, I wrote my Thoughts on Scottish Independence. In this, I made three points:

  1. That the issue was a nuisance, and I regretted the need to discuss it;
  2. That a narrow vote against independence would allow Scottish politicians to continue demanding English money with menaces until they could find an excuse for another referendum;
  3. That a vote for independence would at least save England from the Labour Party.

Well, the votes are now counted, and the result was rather close. Yet, rather than gloomy, I feel increasingly pleased. The difference between then and now is that I could not be aware of two important facts. Read more

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