UKIP: Whither the Bandwagon?

by Godfrey Bloom

Euro sceptics (realists?) across the country must be as delighted as I am to see UKIP doing so well at the polls. As a founder member and not insignificant donor over the last 20 years I see at least a dim light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps an end to one of the most shameful periods in British history.

We must not forget the old Referendum Party, founded by James Goldsmith who nobly put a finger in the dyke until UKIP got fully mobilised, those early Kippers were derided and scorned like the early Christians, freezing nights delivering leaflets, money for meetings which were unattended and campaigns which were all but futile.

The original aim was simply a return to self-government: we sort of settled along the way for an in/out referendum, so success albeit with a rather shifty commitment from a dubious source. However for better or worse UKIP is attempting the difficult change from pressure group to political party. This requires the party to indulge in some navel gazing.

So far, humour me if you will, the political battle has been like a bizarre game of football. The establishment versus UKIP, the scoreboard shows them doing well, but how so? I would venture the establishment keep scoring own goals, immigration, criminal waste, social service failure, third world roads, ballooning national debt, huge defence cuts, ministries which remain not fit for purpose, the list is endless. Naturally the UKIP team dash up to their supporters, shirts pulled over their heads revelling in the glory, they gloat unashamedly in front of the TV cameras and who can blame them? Success has been a long time coming. But it is the establishment’s own goals that are producing the results. Continue reading

UKIP – Don’t Screw it Up

UKIP – Don’t Screw It Up

It’s a rare thing to have a proper headshot at the establishment, but after 20 years, various splits and schisms within the party, slurs of racism from the main parties, and a mainstream media that went from ignoring them completely to often open hostility, UKIP are finally in a position to not only threaten the main parties at Westminster but to play a decisive role in the next general election, and perhaps even in forming the next government. Continue reading

God Save Us from the Party Conferences, by Godfrey Bloom

by Godfrey Bloom

We finish the annual party conference season a bizarre gathering for the benefit of activists who enjoy a monster knees up and party leaders who require their biennial adrenalin fix of adoring sycophants. Make no mistake; this is addictive to the very ordinary people who lead political parties. Interesting none of them played team sports at school or have military service, so the experience is particularly novel.

Continue reading

Reflections on Politics, Godfrey Bloom

by Godfrey Bloom

Mercifully I am released from party politics no place for non conformists or those with serious conviction, I knew my days with UKIP were numbered when I heard the phrase ‘we cannot sell that on the doorstep’. This from a party which came to prominence by being different, a cavaliers ‘approach to political correctness, disdain for the metropolitan press elite. The party has now abandoned any pretence at libertarianism. Ask the leadership for a view on fractional reserve banking, hard currency, legal tender laws, regulation, central banks, QE, market interest rates etc. The response will be ‘Er kick out Johnny Foreigner. Drinks all round!’  Continue reading