Ghosts and the Supernatural: Response to Richard Blake

Larry Middleton

If you thought it was a dream and it felt and looked real, it was real and you did see it. Many people have had these experiences in life and later came the denial. We challenge our sense of reality and what we call common sense, but the reality is that not everything can be simply explained away. In my view there is nothing to fear unless you conjure up something really nasty by doing something you shouldn’t be doing, since I have been at that stage on that occasion in my life where something happened that got out of hand, that was beyond my control. As I say not everything can be easily explained away. Continue reading

On Ghosts and the Supernatural

On Ghosts and the Supernatural
Richard Blake

Do ghosts exist? Dr Johnson believed they did. Pressed by Boswell, he raised in support of his belief the universal testimony of mankind. In all times and places, and generally of their own motion, people have believed in life after death. Our earliest recognisable ancestors buried each other with their household goods, thereby showing a belief that these would be of continued use. Every nation of which I know has believed that the dead could be somehow brought in contact with the living. In the twelfth book of the Odyssey, for example, Ulysses sacrifices a sheep, fills a trench with its blood, and waits for the ghosts that surround him to drink until they become visible and he can question them. In the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh—which I have yet to read—I believe that the spirits of the dead are summoned and questioned. My Chinese and Japanese students have told me some of their own traditional ghost stories. Turn where you will, people believe and have believed in ghosts. Who am I to doubt such universal testimony? Continue reading

Is there still a little bit of science here and there?

David Davis

The late Francis Crick (of the Watson-Crick DNA-structure-elucidation-duo) is said to have, in later life, been concerned with theoretical neurobiology, and attempts to advance the scientific study of human consciousness.
Crick, by nature and education a classical physicist, was interested in two fundamental unsolved problems of biology: how molecules make the transition from the non-living to the living, and how the brain makes a conscious mind.
In recognition of the fact that we still know more or less sweet-F-A about this matter, I want to announce a composition event. I would like to invite you all to think about this problem that this thoughtful and great scientist never solved in his lifetime.

So, now then, it is time to try to crowd-source possible answers to these problems.  Let us try to find out what individual thinking humans think about this matter, and let us start a discussion about how to move forward, and what kinds of things neurobiologists ought to be researching.

I invite submissions, in ordinary dissertation form, as follows:-

Continue reading

Savoring Hillary’s Vow Of Silence

By Ilana Mercer

The national media are sulking. Hillary Clinton won’t speak to them. But what is it about this power-hungry dirigista that the media don’t already know?

Prior to taking a vow of silence, Mrs. Clinton promised to make President Obama’s legislation by executive action with respect to immigration seem like child’s play; a “DREAMers” delight, if you will.

Where’s the mystery there?

Big Media know full-well about—and have just about forgiven—Madam Secretary’s habit of conducting state affairs via private server, later scrubbed clean of unflattering or incriminating communications. Continue reading

Neuroscientist Describes Cases Of Out of Body Experiences

Neuron Brain Synapse
Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution
Waking Times

Scientific knowledge is expanding every day at an exponential rate, and the implications of new developments, particularly those that challenge the current framework regarding the true nature of reality, are far-reaching indeed. One area that continues to become a focal point of study for many physicians and neuroscientists is the relationship between mind, brain, and consciousness. Continue reading

The Ancient Disc of Life and the Colonization of Planet Earth

Ancient Disc of Life - NASA
V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor

Waking Times

In my view, 6000 years ago the peoples of India either were far more advanced than NASA and then somehow mysteriously forgot — or the Mahabharata is the history of and evidence for an off-world civilization that did colonize this planet.

In 1988, Lana Corrine Cantrell, a brilliant mysterious, somewhat eccentric woman wrote “The Greatest Story Never Told“, a book that combined multiple ancient culture histories turned-into-myth as one story – the story of our ancient off-world ancestors. Continue reading

Microbes or Aliens – The Case for the Existence of Life on Mars

Microbes or Aliens – The Case for the Existence of Life on Mars

Mars Rover
Buck Rogers, Staff
Waking Times

Since time immemorial human beings have pondered the existence of intelligent life in the universe, with a keen interest in our neighboring planet.

The technological achievement of landing the Mars rovers on the surface of the red planet is one of mankind’s most incredible accomplishments. From the Opportunity, Spirit and Curiosity rovers, plus numerous satellite missions, we have gathered many photographic images and other data from the surface of Mars, and we now have an exceptional view of it’s some of its geologic features and makeup. Continue reading